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Newbie Question on skin

Newbie Question on skin

I have question, and yes I used the search feature.

I don’t know what this is called, but I call it a turkey neck. Its that piece of skin that attaches from your sack to shaft.

Any ways, mine keeps getting in the way of PE. Any tips?

I’m getting tired of pulling it to my head gland.

I think in know what you mean and experienced a similar thing. What I do is use one hand to hold the skin back so I’m just jelqing the shaft and not pulling the skin..

Hope that helps!

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You might try the ball stretching bands in lengths up to 4-5 inches that restricts the balls somewhat. I found that when I had stretching my balls such that I could attach a 5 inch leather band around my ball sac with the balls at the end of course then there was such a hand in my ball sac that it did not follow my dick head and also presents a very attractive alternative to sucking when one gets tired of sucking my 10.5 inch cock — besides a long ball sac makes a very luscious slapping sound during fucking.

Thank you for the advise of using a strap, Ill order one today and see if that works.

For holding with hand while gelq, this is what I have been doing.

Try stretching your skin along the shaft by making an ok grip with either hand and pulling in opposite directions. Pull just hard enough to feel a slight burning and hold that. Do it at the beginning of each workout and eventually you’ll grow enough skin on your shaft so that your scrotal skin won’t need to be pulled upward

Best of luck to all fellow PE-ers in their journey.

That how I do it when I have the time to get into a comfy position and have the privacy time.
I found out a good thick hair tie band combined with a prostate plug works GREAT. Keeps the balls/skin back while applying pressure to the prostate with every stroke.

The prostate plug I use is the LUX LX2 ( I get a good price on these too)

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