Newbie Question - Hang or Jelq


I’m 44 and just purchased the Bib starter as well as the Bathmate, XL4 and the Jelqing tool. I have bought several online books and have been reading forums for about two months. I am happily married with kids so time is an issue. Although I have been using a sort of “shotgun” approach, my EQ has improved dramatically (she said that it was bigger); so much that my wife yelled out words that she never says and she cusses like a sailor. I told my wife and she is on board. Surprise! She does like it bigger. She wants thickness over length so I’m having trouble deciding if I should hang or just start Jelqing.

I have one nagging question. Why do I need to hang for ten hours a week and Jelqing only requires 10 - 20 minutes of stretching? I have been doing 3 sets a day and, 7 hours a week, and I can’t find anymore. You could say three hours should be easy. Seven is my max as long as I have a job, wife and kids. And 7 hours forces me to neglect other obligations in my busy life.

I have been using or rather trying all of these devices and techniques to choose which path to go. I have been leaning towards hanging first and then jelqing after some length. Am I wasting my time with only 7 hours a week.

I spent 3 days at 2.5 lbs and 7 days at 5 lbs. I have now gone 4 days at 6 lbs and I’m not feeling the fatigue from the stretch but more from the squeeze of the hanger. I still get hard afterward. Am I being impatient or do I need to jump up in weight?

I understand that hanging is recommended for advanced PE er’s, but I have been edging for years to the point that I started loosing my erections during masturbation and sex. What I have done so far has made a drastic improvement!

BPEL 7” EG 5” ( EG 5.5 with a cock ring )
I measured a hard bone press of 7.4” tonight. I think that I was pushing just as hard the previous 50 times that I measured.


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