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Newbie question: Glans discolouration immediately after Jelqing

Newbie question: Glans discolouration immediately after Jelqing

Hi guys,

I’m a newbie to PE (about 1-2 weeks now) and just doing a simple routine of:

5 minutes warmup
5 minutes stretching (30 seconds each, up down, left, right)
10 minutes Jelqing (while Kegeling)
5 minutes warmdown.

When I finish jelqing (I only do it at around 40% erection, probably less than reccomended, and I don’t feel any pain from it) the glans on my penis has dark spots on it. They generally subside within a few minutes. Just wondering if this is anything to worry about? Note: there have been no discolourations on my shaft, only on the head.

Thanks guys.

Lighten up the pressure a bit and see if you still get them. If they go in a few mins there’s nothing to worry about though.

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Those are burst capillaries—very common with jelqing when starting PE. By themselves they are harmless, but are taken as an indication that your grip is too tight. Loosen up, and try to keep the strokes fairly slow, say a count to 4 or 5 seconds. A fast stroke can really hit the blood vessels intensely. With time you usually become more tolerant of the workout stresses and can begin to increase elements of your training.

Slow and a good grip does the trick.

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