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Newbie question about fowfers

Newbie question about fowfers


I just wanna say how happy I am finding this place, thanks guys!

I have been doing PE for more then a month now, and I’m wondering if I can start doing fowfers? And how often can I do them?

And one more question, I follow the newbie routine and I have begun to do 600 jelqs/workout, and it takes me almost an hour.
Am I doing them to slow? Because when I’m doing the jelqs I push the blood very slow and hard so it feels like an explosion in my glans.

I hope you understands my questions


I’m sorry but I have one more question.

I have an ADS that I bought a couple of years ago, and I was just wondering if I can use it every day, even if I’m just a newbie

Thanks for the answer. :)

OK I will :)

Even though you have been doing jelqing for a month, 600 a sitting is not too good. If you are seeing results keep it up. If not, try dropping them down to 300 or so. Take a look at sparky’s PI thread.

I reccommend fowfering to anyone, starting or veteran.

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