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Newbie pumping question - actual mechanical process

Newbie pumping question - actual mechanical process

I read several of the “Pumping 101” type threads I found here and there’s one thing I’m not 100% clear about on the mechanic of a session.I understand you work up slowly to whatever pressure you are targeting, but once you reach that pressure, do you simply hold it there for the remaining allotted time of your session or are you supposed to release pressure and re-pump to that pressure several times over the course of a session? Or are there some people that do it one way and some the other?


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The answer is as you guessed; some people do it one way, and some the other. I would recommend that you release the pressure several times over the course of a session. Further, I would suggest that you completely exit the cylinder from time to time during the session to jelq or massage your dick before resuming your session.

Start with shorter sessions. Don’t try to pump for too long, especially at the start. Even when you’ve been pumping for a while, some more experienced members have reported not getting any better results by excessively long session duration.

And, of course, watch your PIs and EQ.

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