Newbie Pumper and Ring addict looking forward PE

Hello guys,

I’m a newbie for PE. I have a fairly small penis sadly, when it’s flaccid, sometimes it even goes under the fat pad. However, when I’m erect it’s around 14cm long, I might post some pictures.

My problem is that it’s not just small but thin as well.

I would like to start PE and increase both flaccid/erect length and the thickness. In this order I feel the importance.

I know that by losing weight, I might get another 4-5 cm which would be awesome, but now I want to stick to PE, and try it out!

I’m a bi-curious guy, not really a active type, as I do a sitting job.

I also face a little premature ejaculation, however, if I jerk off and get sex after, I usually last more than half an hour which I think is OK.

I am not planning just to jelq, but I have just ordered a pump and some cock rings.

I would like to use these, I really like toys and always loved them. I am quite an owner of a huge collection:)

Anyways, I have read through some posts, but I would really like someone to help me in this.

I used rings before, both in sex or just with my fleshlight. I really enjoy that it gets so much blood in my cock and gives an intense(also quicker!) orgasm.

I would like to keep these on for longer periods of time as most of the time of the day I am alone.

I would also appreciate if someone could give me advice on which arrangement should I use them. I mean, put the ring on, then pump it up and start to jelq?

I have got 6 rings, 3 of them are really thin, and 3 of them are quite thick. Both of the types has 3 sizes. Usually, I wrap the smallest at the base of my shaft and the largest around the whole package.

Let me know guys if you need any more info’s, my missus is at home these days, I am preparing to start PE next week or the week after when she get’s back to work.( I know, I should tell her, but I really like my secret bi side:) )

Thanks for any info’s, I look forward for the responses from this nice community.