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Newbie Problem...Erection Issues

Newbie Problem...Erection Issues

Posted on another area on this site, but it’s not getting hardly any hits…Please help if anyone has had a similar experience.

This happened almost for weeks ago around January 4th. I was jelquing and I heard a faint snap or pop while in the middle of my excersise.

Since then, my erections have not been FULL like they used to. My erections were always very hard and would angle a bit upwards, with little ability to move in other directions due to being so hard.

NOW, my erections get about 75% as hard before Jan 4th incident, and they seem to be a lot more “loose” meaning I can wake up with a hard on and have it swinging.

It’s not discolored and I feel no pain, except knowing that one of my best qualities of my erection is now gone…Hopefully temporarily…

I’ve been so busy that I have not gone to the eurologist yet, ‘cause I figured it could have been a ligament or something that would heal on its own…Like I said, there’s been no pain or discoloration…I have not done any PE’ing since and it does not seem to be getting any better…

Something definitly happened since that last excersise…Anyone have an idea what I should do or had a similar experience?

Thanks in advance.

You are not really very clear on the level of jelqing you were at when you had this happen.

For just jelqing, it seems very unlikely that you could have snapped or popped something, unless you were really, and I mean really, going at it.

I have a feeling that maybe you just had a lig pop and it freaked you out. The mind is a powerful thing when it comes to your cock and thinking you have hurt it in some way.

Unless you know for sure you were jelqing in some very powerful way, I would say forget what happened and get on with your program. Seems to me, you are freaking yourself out to the point of believing you are hurt, but not.

If I am totally wrong on this, let me know something a little more about what happened.

I really dont feel as though I am freaking myself out over this, but I see you’re point…I am going to make an appointment with a eurologist on Monday…

There is simply a noticable difference in erection. I was probably at about 70% when it happened. I was definitly overzealous in the days leading up to this…

Another problem I am besides not getting fully hard is the fact that I can barely kegl anything at all…When I try, it just feels weak, and there is hardly a difference when I do kegl…When I used to kegl, my head used to get really big…It seems as though in general not as much blood is getting where it needs to go.

That’s about all I can tell you unless you have some specific questions…

Thanks for replying.

I feel for you, but I still think, at the worst, you had a lig pop and for some reason, you just can’t get over it.

In order for you to have suffered some kind of rupture, you would have had to have been much harder then you were. Guys that break their cocks do so when doing erect bends, or having their cocks get “broken” while thrusting. Your senario just doesn’t make sense for a serious injury. Even if something did happen, it would heal from your time off.

Go see the Doc if you must, but a little porn and masturbation might go a long way. I am not making light of your situation, but I want you to figure it out the best way.

I understand and appreciate your help with this…I have a sense of humor so any light is good light to me. I’ve been masturbating since and it it’s not getting to where it was before this happened.

I know I was not a full erection, but I could have been close…However, like I said, there’s been no pain or discoloration like others have mentioned when they have “broken” their member during fully erect jelqing…I will see the doc and let you know what he tells me when we have a diagnosis, and if its in my head, then I’ll be a little more releived.

Let us know what you find out.

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