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Newbie Posting Criteria

Newbie Posting Criteria

Hello All,

Can someone tell my why I’m not able to start a new thread of my own? I would like to know how to contact a moerator to gain this ability.



Titleist, the first paragraph in this thread explains it.

Here’s what it says:

New Members can reply to any thread, in any forum, but can only start new threads in the Newbie Forum. This changes after you have been a member for 14 days and have posted 20 times, then you can start new threads in any forum.

You can have an avatar (small picture under your username) after 20 posts. Information about other options on the forum is available in the faq, button is at the top right of any page.

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Also, and I admit it’s difficult to find, here:

f.a.q. button, top of every page —> Start Here link —> New To This Forum


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