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Newbie, Possible Overtraining Injury, please help


I don’t wanna be annoying, but is there no one who can help me on this?

Some more things I have found out. I have pinpointed some localized pain to a large vein that runs along the bottom right side of my shaft. It’s windy and splits up into multiple veins as well.
Every time I get an erection, regardless of whether I masturbate, I think that I might be adding stress to this area. It also might explain why me penis tends to be weaker and smaller especially after ejaculating.

I am going to see a urologist, but please, if anyone has ANY advice, I’d be grateful. I miss my old penis and am feeling like I should never have started this whole endeavor.

I had an injury due to squeezing which took me 3 1/2 weeks to begin to recover from. Try and relax :)

You’re saying your penis gets “weaker” when ejaculating? What do you exactly mean? I may have experienced the same thing when I sustained a nasty injury 4 years ago. Is it a little bit “stiffer” right after ejaculating and the shaft skin not as soft as it used to be? It got a more plastic feeling to it? I used to believe it was nerve related, but when starting PEing after the injury and observing how much my erection and the overall “true” feeling to my dick returned, I realized that it was reduced blood flow which was creating these problems. I think this may have to do with either the Tunica Albuginea or the CC, not the dorsal nerve. Some sort of micro scarring which are reducing your blood flow to your dick.

Try to gently stretch your dick. Take a grip on the sides of your penis head and stretch carefully. See if your dick starts to get somehow pumped up with blood. If that’s happening, that’s a very good sign.

Discoloration is often a sign of overdoing PE, which you probably did. The important thing is to let your dick heal. 1 week is nothing.

And yes, I DO KNOW how it’s to have a beaten up cock. It’s a nightmare, but be strong and get through it.

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Just thought I would bring this back after a while with an update.

I went to a urologist 9 days ago. After examining my unit he said that everything appeared to be fine and that as long as I can get erections I am in the clear.
I can get erections, which I am happy about. My concerns are mainly these things..

-My erections aren’t as spontaneous anymore. Before PE I could just touch my dick and it would have no choice but to get hard. I could also just strip and get hard because of the fact that I was naked.
-My unit feels softer and more spongelike when flaccid. Pre-PE my flaccid felt more dense, and harder, again like it could get hard at the drop of a hat.
-There is a very small pain on the right underside of the penis that occasionally pops up when I get and erection. It’s been happening less and less as time goes on.
-There is discoloration on the glans. Kind of reddish with smaller darker markings that are less noticeable. There is also a ring around the glans that is less pink in color.
-It took me a while to realize this, but my unit is definitely less sensitive. I used to get hard just by feeling my penis rubbing against my clothes - now there is much less sensation in my pants. The upper side of the shaft is less sensitive as well. Luckily the underside of the shaft, frenulum and glans are still pretty sensitive.
-After ejaculation, my penis turtles like crazy, and gets way smaller than I thought it could. It’s like it’s weakened by the sudden release. Before the injury I could stay semi and get hard in just a couple minutes. I feel like part of this might be a result of the decreases sensitivity.

I have stopped all porn/masturbation for 1 week, and I’m shooting for 2, to let things heal for good and sensitivity to increase. It’s just tough cause I don’t know when my body is going to give me the “green light.” Part of me thinks that if I did REALLY light jelqing that my EQ would increase overall, but I am just to scared to risk it. It has been about a month since the initial injury and my stopping PE.
I’m taking hot showers and putting my unit over my heating unit (not too hot of course) to try and help things. Is there anything anyone can recommend to help me out? Or perhaps give an alternate analysis of my symptoms? Thanks guys.


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