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Newbie - please check my routine. Thanks guys

Newbie - please check my routine. Thanks guys

Hey all. As the title suggests I’m new to this forum & new to PE as well so it’s nice to be here & starting myself on this journey :-)

I’ve been doing a routine for about 5 days now around my job & my wife etc so I’ve had to split various parts of the exercises up around my life. I don’t really want the wife to know what I’ve been up as she’d probably have a laugh :-) :-)

I’ve also bought a good quality pump yesterday which I am going to add in around my routine. So here’s what I’m doing. Would really appreciate some input & would be interested in your routines & what works / has worked for you too?

Warm up - 5-10 mins
Stretching: manually, about half an hour total pulling in all directions, holding for 30 second each time & 3 sets each angle.
Jelqing: 300 wet jelqs. Will up to 600 at the end of week 2.
Pumping. About 30 mins, sometimes will split into 2 sessions, 5 days per week, alternating the days with either the penis cylinder or the penis/scrotum cylinder.

That’s going to be my routine. Only started the pump session last night & although I grew in the tube I was back to original size as soon as I released the pressure. I thought I would stay engorged for a little while?? Is that normal or will that happen over time?

Anyway thanks for taking the time to look at this. Much appreciated. Mainly it’s girth I’m after & length would be great but really want a bigger girth.

I think maybe you should check out the newbie routine. Pumping at such an early stage could cause a catastrophic drop in EQ.

Conscious effort to gain that 3/4 inch in length starts now! 21/07/09

(21/07/09) NBPEL 7.25, BPEL 7.5inch * 6inch EG.

(12/08/13) NBPEL 7.30, BPEL 7.9inch * 6.1inch EG

I also think you should hold off on the pumping until you become more accustomed to the basic exercises. You don’t want to do too much too early.

Yea like others said you have not read up enough to know that this is no sprint but a marathon. Slow down you are trying to go way too fast unless you want to injure yourself listen to folk here. Pumping should be held off till at least you have been on the newbie routine awhile. Also pumping for 30 minutes a day when you first start pumping is way too much. I have started pumping barely and I have been doing PE since jun 08 and I started at only 10 minutes a day MAX. I bet you are also pumping at way too high pressure too judging by the routine you describe. Please save us another injury thread read learn and enjoy the gains from newbie routine and good luck.

Also about your penis returning to its normal size immediately after pumping is because your penis is not conditioned to PE. I think the tissue is not used to the stretching and expanding like a conditioned penis my flaccid hangs much larger all day after just 10 minutes on the pump over night its still thick and hangs long but not as much, effects for me last a good 20 hours.

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Great replies thanks & I will take all your advice! I was only pumping at 3-4 hg but I agree it probably was too soon. I’ll put the pump in storage for a few months & see how I get on with my manual routine!

The routine I have outlined above (minus the pumping) is from a newbie routine I read on another site (MoS) so will I be ok with just the stretching & jelqing I’ve mentioned in my 1st post?

Thanks for your good advice - it’s the 1st time I’ve posted on any PE site - good experience so far :-)

This routine is the one most everyone here starts with. Newbie Routine Follow it like it says you move into longer sets as you progress hitting 600 jelqs a day on week 2 seems to fast.

600 jelqs is a lot of jelqs. Too many I think for a newbie.

Follow the Newbie Penis Enlargement Routine as others are suggesting. Most folks stick with it for three months.

I guess I don’t have much to add here..

Just follow the advice given by others, newbie the best way to begin with..

Good luck!

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