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Newbie Personal Question

Newbie Personal Question

So I’m new to the forums here and I’ve been doing the newbie routine on and off for the past 2 weeks. My question is simple , since I measure about 8.25 inches in length but only about 5.0 inches in girth I’d like to know if anyone has had any success in increasing girth by itself and not so much length? Any specific routines for girth over length gains? Thanks in advance guys!

Whatever you do, you are likely to increase length a little. Reduce stretching and focus on jelqing. Once you are conditioned move onto the more advanced squeezes. Anything that tends to work the girth as you do it will tend to have an impact on girth. Take care when adding squeezes, they can cause injury easily. That said, stretches will effect base girth.

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Alright so after I’m conditioned I should basically start with tougher squeezes and leave the stretches out gotcha, thanks for the help!

It is certainly in your best interest to stick with a fairly generic n00b routine for a few months. But yes; given your starting size, and unless you want niche-porn dimensions, you probably don’t wan’t all that much more in length.

After a few months of PE reevaluate based on how your Willie responds. Perhaps you will win your version of the PE lottery and respond easily and quickly with girth. Most don’t, but some do. If the n00b routine gives you mostly length but some girth? Stick with it to the point that you really don’t wan’t any more length as long as it keep delivering girth. Then transition to girth specific workouts.

The newbie routines are easy enough and gentle enough that you can start now. Do that. Then, over the course of a few months of newbie PE, read up on squeezes, clamping, and pumping. Girth specific PE, more than anything else, benefits from your unit being toughened up a bit. So it is all upside for you to do basic PE for a while and hold off on girth only work.

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