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Newbie on a tight schedule, needs advice

Newbie on a tight schedule, needs advice

Hey guys. I’m new to the forum, and I need a routine. Normally I would consult the Newbie routine, but there are a few things that might prevent me from doing those exercises in a regular fashion, so I was wondering if some helpful vets or moderately experienced newbies could help me out.

My circumstance is this: I leave for college very soon (8 days), and I’ll be living in a dorm with a communal bathroom and a shower. Also, I plan to be very active, with a rigorous schedule, a workout routine, etc etc. So I have a few questions about how I can create a routine that’s 1) easy to remember, 2) discreet/can be done in the shower, 3) not super time-consuming. Ideally I can do something that will take me anywhere from 15-30 minutes in the morning, before/in/after the shower.

I don’t expect/want particularly fast gains, because I’m still pretty young and realize that I have a lot of time to do this. An absolutely great gain for me would be an inch or so in 6 months to a year. Even more time, what’s really important to me is the gain.

I’ll give my stats, and then a couple of questions I have, and that will be that.

BPEL: 7”
NBPEL: 6.75”
BP FL: 4.5”
EG: 5.75”

My questions:

1) I don’t have that much experience with women, being 18 and just out of hellish high school, so I really don’t know where I stand as compared with other men as I am now. Is there anyone older on here with similar stats who can tell me how girls would perceive a penis of my size?

2) I’m focusing mainly on gaining length. Does this mean I should stretch more than I should jelq?

3) And finally, what’s a realistic timetable for a one-inch gain?

That’s all. I’ll be very grateful to anyone who answers. Thanks guys.

Er, that would be the famous Newbie Routine. If you are pressed for time, do as much as you can, when you can. Don’t expect to see major gains though. Not saying you won’t for sure, you may, but most don’t with a limited routine.

1. I’ll pass.

2. Stretch more, but not exclusively.

3. An inch the first year is about average for people that devote themselves to PE. :couch:

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Originally Posted by ThunderSS
3. An inch the first year is about average for people that devote themselves to PE. :couch:

Thunder hiding? That’s a first. Mark the day - August 11th, 2005.


read Big Girtha’s thread “Don’t measure it, weigh it”, especially about bed fowfers.

As for question 1, I think BG stated it correctly when he said that first impressions last. So make sure you’ve done a little jelquing before you pull down your pants the first time. A large flaccid will be impressive, no matter what comes next.

As for size and women, I think most of the ladies around here have stated that technique and sincerity is more important (immensely more so!) than size. With your stats, I’d be spending my time on learning about seduction - that is, reading up on Ovidius “The art of love”, maybe newsletters from David DeAngelo, Vincent van Cock’s thread “Give her the big O” and countless others. Throw in some hands-on-study of massage techniques and you’ll do great.

regards, mgus

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