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Newbie observations and some common sense

Newbie observations and some common sense

This will be my second start with a PE program and after not attempting any regular routine for some years I just want to point out some basic observations and common sense for others like myself who may be new to PE. First and foremost, if you are overweight your priority should be to lose the excess, all the fat on that lower abdomen pad above your penis only serves to obscure what you do have. Take up an exercise program and make a sincere effort to lose that pad. Second, don’t hurt yourself, gains will not come overnight, from what I’ve gathered in my research and reading (at least from those who believe PE is possible) is that it is a slow process and requires a commitment, the important word being “process”. The up side is, how many exercise programs feel this good (especially when lubed?)? I am currently quite overweight. I am not going to subject any of you to pictures. So, my first goal is to lose weight and get healthy, I am now at 283 pounds at 5’11”. Better health can only lead to better results. My erect measurement is just over 5 inches now, flaccid I am obscured (except for the head) by the fat pad so measuring is pointless. I will keep you posted on my progress. Good luck to the rest of you newbies, we can do this.

Everything you said looks right to me. Keep the motivation up and good luck.

Good luck man, with hard work you’ll come soon to great results, both for your body and penis ;)

Starting November 2013 - BP 18.0 MSEG 14.0

March 2014 - BP 18.3 MSEG 14.5

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good luck doggsun!

Good luck doggsun. I completely know where you’re coming from and it’s nice to know that someone else out there shares my dilemma. I am overweight myself with a pretty big fat pad. I am going through a lot of stuff right now and exercise and PE are giving me that boost in my self esteem and emotional well being. I have started an exercise regiment and am sticking to it to lose that fat pad as much as I possibly can. The way I see it, these two things will only benefit me in the long run.

12/1/13 - Start newbie routine

BPEL - 5 1/8" | EG - 4" | NBPEL - 3" | BPFL - 4" | NBPFL - 1 1/5" | FG - 3 1/8"

Good luck mate. I was over weight and did not start PE until recently. I weight 320lbs 2 years ago, now I’m at a handsome 220lbs, it does make a difference

Starting measurements 4/20/2014

Length: 6 inches

Girth: 4.5 inches

I hope to have the type of success you are enjoying


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