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Newbie needs suggestions - help GREATLY appreciated

Newbie needs suggestions - help GREATLY appreciated

Hi everyone. Let me start off by saying that this seems like a great site and the people on it seem really informative and helpful. That being said I have a few questions for the experts and preferably people who have made some gains.

I am 21 years old, I weigh 150 pounds and I am 6”2. I just measured my member and full erect, I am 16.7cm although sometimes when I get really aroused I probably get to around 17 maybe 17.1cm. My girth is 4.5 inches. I never thought I had a small dick until my current girlfriend said that her “ideal” is around 8 inches (20.4cm) and she also mentioned that my girth is a little small (BIG WTF! On my part) but whatever, I took it like a man. However because of this I’ve done some research and you people have made me a believer. I now believe that with lots of training, practice, dedication and patience I will be able to achieve my goal, which would be 8.5 inches and 5.5 inches in girth. Now I don’t know if I’m being unreasonable but a guy can dream can’t he?

So as a newbie, here are my questions.

I am going to be doing PE every 2 days and taking 1 day off, is this good?

What are the best and most effective exercises to be doing to get length and girth? Please go into as much detail as possible, preferably just telling me exactly which exercises to do, I can look them up on the site myself.

How long should I do each of these exercises?

I plan on doing it in the morning, is it good to do it before or after a shower?

Thats basically it. I’m still collecting information from this site on it about all the different jelq techniques but for right now I’m still trying to familiarize myself with the penis and all the muscles and stuff. If somebody could help guide me along it would be greatly appreciated. I want to gain 3.5-4cm of length and 4cm girth. Can anyone just tell me which exercises to do daily and for how long at a time?

Also, should I switch them up every day because I read a thread that suggested that thats how you maintain gains and keep them coming by not having your penis used to certain exercises.

Thanks alot guys, I know I’m asking alot but I would really appreciate it. I plan on posting for a while and giving this a shot for a couple of months, if I notice improvement I plan on doing this for my whole life.


Newbie routine.

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First of all, welcome!

Second, most of us that have been here a while have answer newbie questions so often, that the thrill is gone….therefore the Newbie section was started to answer these very questions.

Now if you go here; START HERE ——-> NEWBIE ROUTINE <——- Important Newbie Threads/Info

and study it, you will find you will get all you need to get started.

After you do YOUR homework, and put your time in to condition yourself properly…THEN we will be happy to answer the questions that weren’t answered in the newbie section.

Remember, the newbie section was designed to help you reach your goal safely and as quick as we know how.

Please take it seriously!

Newbie routine. Off the topic, dump your girlfriend! Or fuck her until you will get bored with her and then dump her!

Nobody PEs successfully for someone else. If you’re not happy with your dick that’s one thing but if you think it’s OK and she doesn’t then it won’t last because you won’t believe it.

Imagine if you said those things about her breasts? Or her vagina?, “Yeah, your vagina is pretty loose on me, maybe you could do some kegels to make it more to my liking….”

Consider why you’re doing this and decide if it’s you (doesn’t sound like it) or her.

I echo Jason’s comments completely.

Do PE for yourself. Just like you would go on a diet, or kick a bad habbit for yourself.
The problem with changing something about yourself just for someone elses liking, is that you lose sight of why you are doing it in the first place. Proper motivation just is never there if your goals, are infact, someone elses.

I understand that this could’ve been your girlfriend just commenting on size - but is she making an issue of it? Or is it just something you thought you’d like to do for her?

Either way - yes you have come to the right place.

Welcome to Thunders; Making your penis, and your spelling betta!

Thanks for all the helpful posts so far. In regards to jasons and d_suts comments, I guess what she said triggered it but I have wanted to do something about it for a while even though I didnt think my dick was small. However I simply realized that I need to gain some length and girth, not for her (who knows we might break up next week!) but for myself. I appreciate all of your concerns! I look forward to keeping you guys up to date, I start my routine either today or tomorrow, ill try to get some pictures


I started basicaly because I was stuffing around in Ebay, just typing random shit, ie: penis pumps, mecahnical vaginas etc etc. Stumbled upon Penis Enlargement information from there and became interested.
I have an average size cock. Been with my share of woman and never had a negative comment. I have never thought anything like my cock is small and i need a bigger one with more girth or something like that.

Just like some guys I suppose I never knew it was possible, but when I found out that it was I was like “why the fuck not.” So im coming into this PE game not expecting miracles, no real “Do or Die” goals, basicaly no pressure.

Good luck man


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