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Newbie needs some help

Newbie needs some help

Hi, guys,
My first post here!

I`ve been knowing of PE since 2009 and I`ve trained for like 3-4-5 consistent months back in 2009. And some more months on and off. I’ve gained a little, but I didn’t get all the motivation necessary and privacy to make it a way of life.
Recently I went through too much drama and shit and I decided to restart things and also found PE as one of the few things that I could hold on to.
I’ve decided to put my efforts on girth gaining and started a girth routine including high erection level jelqs, fowfers and kegels just to find out that it won’t work that good. 3 months earlier I began with the Newbie routine. My results so far are not that satisfying and that’s why I’m writing with the hope of getting some veterans’ advice. I went through 5-2 days, now I’m on 2-1. Anyway, I regained some and I observe a better flaccid hang, as well as better erection quality and I also got too veiny (I’m not sure if it’s good or bad). Now I could measure 7x4.9.
I’m starting my routine under the shower, making some manual stretches, then heating with IR and making ~300 jelqs with low erection, IR again and kegels. I recently started jelqing with Tom Hubbard’s side pinch grip. I also started doing 3 Ulis and 3 Horse440 squeezes after the jelqs and before the warm-down.
When I started PEing, I recall being in a rush and after the 3rd month moving to some kind of manual clamping while jerking for 10 or more minutes. I believe I got some permanent girth gains and I hope I didn’t get an injury.
I’m going through some really bad kind of depression now and I also thought about another issue - lately (maybe some years ago) I started not getting spontaneous erections frequently (I’m in my 20s). Recently I feel them come back more often.
As I feel the Newbie routine didn’t do very much for my girth, although my unit looks much more healthy now and even a little bit longer, I’d like to get some advice on what to do from now on.
I also have the feeling that I could have put too much pressure while jelqing (it hasn’t been painful though).
I’d like to hear (actually see) your comments on whether I could start clamping or at least combine clamping and jelqing or any other suggestions on how to continue.
I’d also like to know which do you estimate is better - clamping or pumping?
Another observations that I have made are that the tunica is my limiting factor and I have like the baseball-bat shape. When making higher pressure, I also get too much head expansion (which I’m trying to avoid).

And finally, I’d like to ask you for some sincere wishes of luck, cause I feel I need some positive energy right now. Every help would be appreciated.

Thanks, and I wish you health and the chance to see all of your goals achieved in the upcoming 2014. :)

Hey gfg. First of all, I really wish you the best of gains! :)

Don’t be in a rush. That just isn’t how PE works. If you feel well enough conditioned, you can try anything, but I would leave clamping as a last resort because once you accustom the tissues of your penis to that level of pressure, very little else will work. Try adding to the Ulis and Horses, try adding some Orange Bends (O Bends). Stick with manual exercises for as long as you can.
I don’t know why you are trying to avoid head expansion as most guys want that, and women like it too! It’s usually the hardest part to grow, so although you may get expansion while doing PE, you probably won’t get much actual growth.

Again, best of luck!

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

Basics.... firegoat roll How to use the Search button for best results

Thank you, kind sir. There’s been some long time since my post, since I think I expected some more comments. Anyway, I incorporated some few O-bends, Horse440 and Ulis. Still no measurable gains, so I’m planing to order some clamps and give them a try soon. I’m not quite sure that I’m properly hitting my tunica and I hope that I don’t have all of the 3 layers. :)

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