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Newbie needs some encouraging words

Newbie needs some encouraging words

I have tried to start up PE multiple times, but never manage to stick to it. My initial measurements are 6.75 BPEL * 5.75 EG (17.7 cubic inches Volume). From what I have read that is somewhat above average. My goal is to achieve 8.0 - 8.5 BPEL * 6.25 - 6.5 EG (28 cubic inches Volume) . My problem has been that I have never been able to stick it out with PE. I’ll get a couple of weeks into the Newbie Routine and then stop even though I have seen gains before that dissipate after I stop, I just feel like such a moron for committing my time to this instead of hanging out with my friends, learning to play the guitar, or just going out to looking for women.

However, I really do want to stick it out achieve a larger penis. For some reason I’ve had a streak of women which a fairly accommodatingly and generally just make me feel like a hot dog in a hallway lol, funny but true. Anyway I have had sex with a good amount of women and know that if I was a bit larger it would not hurt the situation, I would also like to increase my stamina and I hear PE is good for that. Besides all of this could be my back up occupation as a porn star lol.

Just the truth of it is I want some people to tell me how they manage to stick it out at first? The time commitment, the lightly sore hands and penis, and just in general handling the idea that you are waisting 45 minutes a day trying to enlarge your shlong lol.

Frankly I don’t think I could ever get over the motivational problems you’re describing if I used manual methods exclusively. There are more passive forms of PE, however, such as hanging and pumping, that allow you to do other stuff (probably not hanging out with friends though ;) ) while you enlarge your schlong. Why not see if you can stick to a simple 15-minute newbie manual routine for a few months, not pushing yourself to boring 45-minute sessions, then move on to a more passive PE form once you’re sufficiently conditioned?

Originally Posted by bodadeous
For some reason I’ve had a streak of women which a fairly accommodatingly and generally just make me feel like a hot dog in a hallway lol, funny but true.

Well, don’t rule out the positive. You may have had the women in a high state of arousal which in my experience makes penetration much easier but doesn’t make your unit feel very big. When you have a wife you’ll notice that things may fit a little differently each time. Sometimes when I want to feel really big, I watch football during foreplay. That seems to make penetration a little harder! (disclaimer: I’m kidding. Don’t try this at home.) :)

Gut Scramblin' goodness.

Nice one, GS :rolling: Your point is good though. Many vaginas just keep growing and growing and growing, seemingly forever, as the woman’s arousal level is elevated.

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