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Newbie needs help after 2 sessions

Newbie needs help after 2 sessions

Hey Guys,

I just started the newbie routine 2 days ago, and here is how it went :

- The first day went just fine, I’m sticking with the newbie routine, but for the moment I only do 40 jelqs and will double the amount every week to go nice and slow.. I could achieve an erection quality that I didn’t have since a while thanks to the lub, it brought back a smile to my face as I have difficutlies getting erections. At the end of the session, my unit looked quite good.

- The problem is the second day, I sticked to the same routine and at the end of it, I felt that my penis was completely exhausted, it looked nice still, but the workout seemed to have tiren it very much, also I started loosing sensitivity just right after and it really freaked me out as I obviously don’t want to cause any damage.

Here are the questions that I have,

- Could this be due to the pressure I putter on the jelqs, as I only did 40, it seems that it could be the main reason, if so, what pressure should I put at the beginning?

- Is it possible that I am among the ones for who PE don’t work? I saw quite good esthetic results, but the feeling on my unit was really weird, especially in the gland.

- The day after, I had problems having erections and my morning wood was very low, it seemed that my penis was still very tired, did it happen to some of you?

That’s it guys, I hope that someone will be able to hep me because I would really like to make my path in the PE world, as for now I am taking a break just to see how it goes.

Thanks a lot fellas.

How hard are you squeezing during your jelqs?

Hey dude,

I would say that they are soft but not too much so that the blood can move up, but I feel that the lub makes me squeeze tighter than I should. Also, I have a small girth ( around 4.20) and I think it’s more easy to overdo it in this case as I am gripping the all circunference easily,

Cheers man

I know the feeling. My mid section girth is only 4.25”. I try to watch the pressure when I jelq, but I find myself getting carried away at times. I don’t think you even entertain the thought that “you are one of the ones that PE doesn’t work for.” You aren’t even a week into it man! You stretch, right? Maybe you gripped too hard or yanked too hard when you stretched. Maybe try lightening up on that too. And one other thing: maybe your penis only wants you to train every other day? Try doing your routine one day, then leave it alone the next day. Try this for a few weeks. Hell, you might be one of those guys that only has to train his dick 20 minutes a day to get fabulous gains. Good luck!

Hey man, thanks a lot for your answer!

Thinking about it, I pretty think that this is due to the pressure of the jelqing, the idea you gave me of 1 day on-1 day off, is really good, I might stick to this just to see and be careful the force I use in the grips..

Thanks again man

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