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Newbie needs advice


Newbie needs advice

Hi guys

I’m new to all this but have been following the newbie regime for around 2 weeks. My cock is already feeling a bit fatter when it is flacid. I’m also taking a bit of larginine and ginseng which is helping. My current measurements are 7 inches in length and spot on 5 inches girth. I know it’s not an exact science but can anyone advise me what the potential gains might be in my case if I follow the plans thoroughly. In other words, how big can I get. I’d Love to increase my girth as I’ve always felt my cock was a little bit on the skinny size. So I repeat the question, what are my potential gains given based on my measurements?




Hi David.

Welcome to the Forum!

I’m afraaid your question really belongs to the ‘how long is a piece of string’ and ‘where did I put the car keys’

It just depends on your make up. But if you have not done any PE before you length and girth are good sized. So half inch on length and girth should easily be achieved.

You don’t say how you measured. Which can make a considerable difference in your measurements. Have a look in the newbie section instructions and you will find how we normally take measurements. which will give better comparasons.

Good luck in your quest.


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Hi, I’m 7.1 erect and 4.9 girth. Do I have capacity to grow?


You should be able to make gains, as I mentioned. But only time will give you what you can acheive.

So Give it a try ad see how things go.

But don’t overdo things. Take it steadily !

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Originally Posted by david1979
Hi, I’m 7.1 erect and 4.9 girth. Do I have capacity to grow?


Didn’t you say you were bang on 5” girth?
Do you measure length bone-pressed?

Time to measure girth soon... previously 4.5", been targeting girth for months!

Thanks for your help and advice. I’ve just remeasured after reading how to do it properly . I’m 7.2 BPEL and 5.3 EG. My aim would be any gain I could make. Ideally Id love to get to 8 x 6. My ultimate long term aim would be to get towards 8.5 inches - 9 inches. Not sure if that is realistic or not. So as you say will see how it goes. Also trying to make some gains in my flaccid state.



From 7.2X5.3 to 8X6 is reasonable with the 6” girth being the hard part.

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Thanks for the encouragement iamaru. What would be a time frame to achieve this kind of gain broadly speaking. I’ve been doing the newbie regime for around 3 weeks and I can feel that my cock is feeling a bit meatier. Could I possibly make any gains within a couple of months. This is very exciting.

Best wishes

From what I read you could gain in general in a year time frame .5-1” in length and 0-.5” girth. You can definitly gain more but you need dedication and persistance. Good luck


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Id love to get to 8 inches and add a bit of girth. It seems that with some effort and dedication that I can get upto 8 inches plus in length and may be towards 6 in girth. With perseverance I could even get to 9 inches or thereabouts. Of course this is pie in the sky but it would be great if I could get up to 8 inches in the next 12 months. I know my gf would appreciate it. I will have to see, but Id be lying if I said 9 X 6 was not my long term aim.


David, best way to do it is to not worry about the time frame. It was something like 3-4 months before I saw any gains at all!

Reschedule things to make PE a part of your life. Have a safety first attitude. Stick to your routine and don’t re-measure until you know it has gotten bigger. If many moons have passed with no gains then consider changing things up.

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Ill take your advice and forget about time frames. Does my long term aim of 9 x 6 seem achievable or am I being unrealistic? I suppose that initially I need to stay focused and not become pre occupied with potential gains, but that is difficult since everyone needs something to aim for.

Best wishes

I would ask myself first whether you really want to be 9 inches long. Nine inches, even bone-pressed, is going to be too long for a number of women. Some may be able to accommodate that length, but it isn’t necessarily going to feel better to them. At a little over seven inches, I have been a little longer than desirable for a small percentage of the women I have had sex with.

There have been members here who have reported no gains after a considerable investment in time over many months, so nothing is guaranteed. It seems that gains of 1/2” in length are very common, gains of 1” in length are quite common, gains of 1 1/2” in length are less common but not unusual. Gains of 2” in length are reported but don’t seem to be typical and gains of over 2 inches, while they occur, are distinctly unusual.

Typical girth gains seem to be about half that for length gains.


You make a very valid point. I suppose that if I’m honest id like to be 9 inches for selfish reasons. That said perhaps my gf would not like it. So perhaps Ill aim for around 8 x 6. This would be a more sensible option. I suppose that I should ask my gf what size she would like me to be.

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