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Newbie needs advice


Well, I think it is pretty likely that if you go about it sensibly, take your time, and stick with it, you will be able to gain an inch of length and 1/2 inch of girth, perhaps more. That would give you a unit that the vast majority of women would find plenty big enough, if not huge. If you are regularly having sex you will probably know if you are getting uncomfortably large for the woman you are with. But beware, since gains are gradual, your regular lover may adapt to you and have no difficulty whereas a new lover might possibly find you too big.

I do think that women in general are excited by large cocks, as long as they are not ridiculously big. But if you are going to be in a long-term relationship with a woman, what may be very exciting to her at first, is going to become more common place over time. A really long penis will prevent you from entering a smaller woman fully which will limit close pelvic contact and will require you to exercise more restraint than you might like. It will make quickies much more problematical. Some women will be sore enough after sex that they don’t want you to come around again for 3 or 4 days.

I am around 5.6 inches average girth and around 6 inches at the base. I have had quite a few a women complain of a lot of jaw fatigue when giving me head and I have had to put up with a fair number of tooth scrapes. I have heard the same from other guys around the same girth.

Everyone I have seen like yourself, aiming to get results quickly… end up injuring themselves really badly. Don’t worry about how much you gain and how long it takes - just enjoy the journey.

Here is the ultimate test for you which will aid your PE… don’t measure for a month!

Seriously… and take your time. Don’t mix things up yet.

Time to measure girth soon... previously 4.5", been targeting girth for months!

Thanks very much for your advice. It’s been very helpful. I’m feeling very positive. I’m going to aim for towards 8 in length and 6 in girth. I’m presuming that I may also make some gains in flaccid size.

Thanks again


I will take your advice and take things nice and steady to avoid injury. Ill also not measure for another month. Sorry if it sounds like I’m rushing things but the possibility of having a big 8 inch cock and is very exciting.

Best wishes

Remember, it IS exciting, but it also out of your reach forever if you mess things up by rushing :)

Time to measure girth soon... previously 4.5", been targeting girth for months!

Allright Guys.

I have followed above advice and stopped measuring. I’m taking Red Ginseng and some l’arginine. I’m following the newbie routine and nothing else. However I’m delighted to report that my cock looks and feels plumper and I’m sure I’ve grown in erect length by perhaps towards half an inch in the last 3 -4 weeks. Also, I can feel that there is a lot of my cock which is trapped inside by muscles. Do I have the capacity to turn this into additional length? Please forgive my ignorance in these matters as I am totally new to all of this.

Best wishes.

I’d say 2” in length and 1” in girth is an average that most of the committed people can gain in a year or more. :)

hmm, I have not seen that the polls and forum comments here at Thunders support that 2” length gain is average for committed people in a years time. I would say it has shown to be possible but certainly not average, especially when limited to a single year.

I believe redbear’s summary of typical gains is simple and accurate across the board with those reaching the longer gains usually being the committed people, but the time line is often multiple years.

Hi guys.

This is my first post in many months . I have been sticking to the newbie routine. Mainly lots of slow jelqs and stretches . I’m delighted with my progress but have not measured properly yet but I think I’m edging nearer to the 8 inch mark . I will measure properly later and update my profile. Very happy with this . Cheers guys.


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