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Newbie Measurements and some questions.

Newbie Measurements and some questions.

I finally got around to making a measurement.
BPEL: 5.5
EG: 4.5

Been doing the newb routine for about a week now: 2-on, 1-off interval.

I think I was overgripping while doing jelqs and I’m seeing some red spots on the head and on the shaft.

Exactly how hard are you supposed to grip? And also, should I continue with the routine, or let the redness go away first?

3/31/08: BPEL - 5.5", EG - 4.5"

Goal: BPEL - 7", EG - 6"

From what I have read you are probably squeezing to hard. There is a good section on positive and negative PI’s.

I have tried to make a new thread, but I cannot get one listed. I just get a white screen. If I hit refresh it says I am trying to list a duplicate thread, but my first one is never listed.

I am trying to start it here in the Newbie Forum.

I changed the title from Happy Newbie with Quick Gains to just Quick Gains and it took it (8th try).

No problem, glad to help. I was just worried I was re-posting the same thing over and over and was going to get yelled at!

Do jelqing alone induced penis growth?

Originally Posted by sirodelaypogi
Do jelqing alone induced penis growth?

It does for some, but not for others. There is no way to know what will or will not work without committing to trying a particular workout for a sufficient period of time (several months at least). Always start with cautiously, only gradually increasing the intensity of your exercises.


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