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Newbie/Lurker Here

Newbie/Lurker Here

Hey what’s up everyone? Just wanted to make my first post here. I am a member at MOS and been lurker here for a bit too. Both sites seem to be very helpful and supportive even with a sort of “rivalry” that can be seen it seems to make each site only get better.

I’m doing stretches and trying to start hanging. I’m still trying to figure out my LOT as my dick and ligs just seem to be wierd at times so I’m gonna try and keep searching to see if hanging high will better suit me. Keep up the great site thunder.

Hey Snatch,

Welcome to the forum.

It would be nice if there were a PE site to provide Thunder’s with some competition. That would be better for the PE community in general.

Check out KOG’s LOT 101 thread.

How are you hanging ?

Hey momento,

Thanks for the link. I was hanging SD with just 5 pounds. However, after reading the LOT theory I wasn’t sure if it was worth it. It seems no matter where my dick is on the clock even low angles I can see a pulling at my base. It’s hard to explain but the pull seems to be coming from the top base part of the penis. I’m not really sure if im finding my LOT or its soemthing else. Thanks.

You’re holding out with a solid tension and then kegelling right? you’re not doing a crunch or something instead.

You should see pretty much the whole shaft wanting to move in but there will come a point where the ligs are taking the strain at the base of the penis instead of the inner penis and the fascia it connects to taking the strain. This is what you are looking for. Try feeling for it and then doing it visually.

You may also be able to feel if the ligs are taking the strain simply by stretching or hanging for a while. After a time the ligs should start to burn a little and then feel fatigue.

Straight down will no doubt be effecting your ligs. A lot of guys get a better pull hanging BTC though. Its worth a try.

Even if for some weird reason you are not putting tension on the ligs (not happening but just suppose), you are still putting tension on the tunica, so you won’t be wasting your time as long as you are hanging with a good enough weight to feel some fatigue.

Hope that helps.


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