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Newbie looking forward to sharing his journey

Newbie looking forward to sharing his journey

Long time lurker to the forums, first time poster. I currently sit at 6 inches bone pressed length, 6 inches girth. My goals aren’t too lofty, I wish to gain an inch length at most, and half an inch girth, though if I get more I’ll be happy.
I’ve been blessed with girth so I’m always hesitant to do any stretching or lengthening in case it is at the detriment of my girth which I am most proud of.
I do clamping on and off without much regularity, as well as PC exercises and take supplements.

I value all the information of the veterans in achieving my goals :)

Good luck, if you want more girth keep up the clamping and throw in some fully erect jelqing and squeezes. You might want to do what I do when I’m active I go mostly all length for a while like maybe six months and switch to all girth for six months.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Thanks for the advice mate, it boggles my mind how long these things take, but I’m imagining the results are worth the wait :)

6.5" BPEL 6" EG, shooting for 7x6.5, 7x7 would be cool but I doubt practical or probable

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