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Newbie looking for some help with my schedule and a routine

Newbie looking for some help with my schedule and a routine

Hey all, just throwing it out there that I’m new here, looking for a little help?
I just turned 18 (even though I think I joined when I was 17 simply for a request about pubic hair cutting)

I’ll start off with saying I’m 6.6inches BPE and 4.5ish girth,

I work out 3 days a week and have an extremely fast metabolism and muscle growth
I’m looking to be at least 7.5 one day, (if anyone wants to guesstimate the time that will take let me know haha)

Anyways, I have read around and am familiar with beginning routines and what not,
However my biggest problem is that I live with my parents still, and I go out very frequently
So any advice for a easily preformed in secrecy/without many tools & with discrepency?
Or a way to recall

Thanks in advance!

Well if you joined in 2005 at 17. How do you manage to be just 18 now?

YOu will just have to change your lifestyle. We can’t do anymore for you than tell you how to exercise.

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Hmm I don’t get this, same as petitfaun. If you joined 2005 (17)., now you need to be around (21) ?

Boy, you sure have some mathematical problems :D

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Originally Posted by Luka89
…Boy, you sure have some mathematical problems :D


Anyway. Listen man. Newbie routine does not need any equipment.
How about you do that? Regarding your parents you can buy some weights, put some loud music in your room, lock your door and tell them that you are working out and you need some privacy.
There was a similar thread like this about a guy who had a problem with privacy. Check it there.
Another thing. I dont know what is your age. But if you are 18, you will go to university soon or hopefully move out and then you can do what you want.
Regarding you going out alot. You need to be dedicated to get some gains. So decrease your outing.

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Wake up early, go to bed late, etc. There are people here who PE whose WIVES don’t even know they PE. You’ll find time.

Okay no problem! I guess I’ll just search around for a beginner routine.

First and foremost the penis isn’t a muscle, so whatever your metabolism or workout schedule, it doesn’t really matter for PE.

Secondly, a 1” gain is very possible, but you have to show dedication to PE. If you go out very frequently and have no time in the day, I’d say the odd PE session here and there won’t do much good.

The info is here to learn. With good technique (learned), consistent routines and time you will gain, but all three are required.

If you want this, you’ll find the time. Some stay-up late, some get-up at 5.30am to get a spare 1hr or so (like me), etc.

I’d say start with the linear newbie routine, it worked well for me.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

As for time to gain 1”, too hard to say. If you’re really lucky, maybe <6 months. If not, probably possible within 12 months unless you are a hard gainer. About 260 hours of PE or so.

Good luck.

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Okay great! Also, I guess I joined at 15 then, hell if I know why-I just said 17 because I felt bad about violating the terms of service. Well, I am 18 now.

Also the following add problems to my situation:
I work with my father as an advanced IT technician and business representative, this means that I will be living from home for a long time as it unnecessary for me to move out,

Secondly, although my parents give me a lot of privacy, both have insomnia and I feel as though it would be hard to go uninterrupted for up to an hour a day.

Alas, I’ll have to work around it somehow, it’s okay at least I have a lock

PE in the shower? I would hope they wouldn’t ever interrupt you there…

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