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Newbie looking for girth

newbie looking for girth

Hi, I have checked out this site occasionally for a while now and just started jelqing about three weeks ago. My first post. Anyway, I am really only looking to concentrate on girth. I have read discussions about increasing length first, but I am not really interested in length gains as my BPEL is almost 7.7”. My girth however is only 5”. I would like to increase this. I get the feeling from what I’ve read that girth exercises are kind of risky. I am not really willing to take too much of a risk. Anyone have a suggestion of what I might do to increase girth without doing any real damage. Thanks

All I can suggest is do a search on girth exercises. There is a TON of info here, just keep reading and I hope you find what you need. :)

Girth exercises can be very intense and therefor risky when you do them before your dick is accustomed to the type of pressure used for the specific exercise. Jelqing can be just as intense for a newbie as an extreme horse for a veteran. That’s why it’s best to only start with intenser girthexercises when you stop getting the results you want from a current girthroutine and your dick is conditioned enough from prior girthexercises. There are plenty of girthexercises out there.

After 3 weeks of jelqing you could start with jelqing at a higher erection level 60-80% which targets girth more than normal jelqing. When you feel your dick is up for it which might take a couple more weeks you could start with light uli’s.

The best place to start is to first condition your cock to PE by doing the newbie routine which consists of kegels, hot wraps, stretching and jelqing. It’s the basics, but it’s also your foundation. Jelqing is also a great girth exercise. So get a couple more weeks under your belt with the newbie routine, and by that time you will have located lots of girth info around the forum. I am into girth to, so start researching the pumpers forum as well.

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