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Newbie looking for 1 inch

Newbie looking for 1 inch

Hi all.

Must say, this forum is really impressive. Nice to see so many people supporting each other.

I started the newbie routine about 3 months ago, but due to workload had to stop after only 2 weeks.

Even so, those 2 weeks of jelqs, kegels and occasional stretching increased flaccid length by around an inch, maybe more. I’m pretty sure I saw 0.25cm erect length gain too.not much but hey! It’s a start right.

I’m about to start the routine again, now that I’ve managed to set aside some proper time for it.

I’m 5.00” erect length and 5” girth. I’ve set myself the target of 6 or 6 1/2 inches length by December. I’m not overly fussed about girth right now.

One inch length in eight months? Can it be done with a simple progressive newbie routine?

Any thoughts people?

I seem to gain length quite easily. I gained about a half inch from just jelqing. I thought I’d hang and gain easily, I tried hanging and didn’t gain anything. Now I do manual stretching and I’m gaining again.

I feel the best thing about manual stretching is you can safely do it with a semi erection. I stretch at the same erection level I jelq at. I think you get a much better stretch this way. Also you can stretch the ligs in every direction. For me side to side and straight up seems to be the best angles.

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Can it be done? Maybe, maybe not. It will depend on your tissue structure (yes its all very similar, some are looser than others), and dedication. Now, having said that, there are guys who after a year or more haven’t gained that inch, and others gain quickly. There is no pat answer for you, sorry.

Do the newbie routine since you did have to take a break, follow it faithfully, and for God sake, don’t hurt yourself as that will slow down the process. Patience grasshopper, patience.

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Originally Posted by bromman
One inch length in eight months? Can it be done with a simple progressive newbie routine?

Any thoughts people?

I have done it. Determination and Persistence need to be your friends to have any chance of making it happen.

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