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Newbie jelqing recovery

Newbie jelqing recovery

I jelq basically every 3rd day and I was wondering after you jelq do you normally get days after were your erections are weaker than normal (90%)? Because I seem to be getting that and I’m not sure if it’s from too much jelqing or too much porn. I still get the same frequency of erections throughout the day they just aren’t completely full.

Started: summer 2011

Too much porn I think, try without masturbating for 2 weeks and It will rise like Terminator after being hit. Stretching does help to EQ, at least it helps me. And don’t smoke(if you don’t it’s good), EQ suffers if you do.

Beware with this if the ”problem” increase I mean your erection after jelq got lower than it’s a negative PI and you would need to rest a few days, but do as Kjdeet says try get out porn just to see the results

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K I’ll drop the porn unfortunately haha thanks for the replies

Started: summer 2011

Maybe you’re overdoing it ? What’s your routine?

warm up, some manual stretching, then 75-80 jelqs every 2nd or 3rd day depending on how my penis feels, what i mean by that is i can usually tell when my penis is fully healed because it becomes sore (i give it a couple light squeezes to check for soreness) for a couple of days and then it feels normal again. I’m not sure if that happens for everyone but that happens even after masturbation, it’ll be sore for a day or two.

Started: summer 2011

Originally Posted by PKDublin

I’m not sure if that happens for everyone but that happens even after masturbation, it’ll be sore for a day or two.

It gets sore after masturbation for a day or two? If so, you probably are more sensible down there. I’d go with sparkyx’s advice, light up your grip a bit.

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