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Newbie; Jelqing ques.

Newbie; Jelqing ques.

I have been jelqing for 3 weeks now. I am also doing about 8 separate 1 minute v-stretches throughout the day. I jelq for 30min. 6-7 days a week ( I do about 1000-1100 1-2 second jelqs.)
Before I found out about PE (just 3 weeks ago), I had been using a pump that I bought at an adult bookstore. I used it infrequently like once every 2-3 weeks for 1 year. My length gains were .5 inch and I never really measured girth until 3 weeks ago. I love PE, but it is time consuming and tiresome.

Question: Is this PE routine gonna give me better gains than the pump over 1 year? I want to gain 1.5 inches in length and .5 - 1 inch in girth over the next 9 mos. to a year. Is this possible using my routine, without adding the pump? I am currently 6.5 length and 5.5 in girth (both measurements erect).

At the end of my jelqing sessions I hold and squeeze my erect penis about 1 inch below the head for 60 seconds. Is this called and uli? The head of my penis gets engorged and red and large. I like the looks of it.

Should I start to incorporate hanging?
I have a thirty pound dumbell at home, but I need some ideas on a homemade devise that I can put together to wrap my penis and use the dumbell to hang. Also, how many min. should you hang for?


how do those penis pumps work? does it just enlarge your penis temporarily or permanently? is there any pump you prefer?

and I’m a newbie also, so I don’t think I can give you advice, but your routine seems normal.


pumps work

They work by using I think negative pressure inside the chamber that your penis is in. After using it for 30min. your cock is inflamed and the head of your penis is exceptionally large. It takes about 12 hrs. for it to get back to normal size. Like I said, I used it for 1 year but only once every 2 weeks, so maybe a total of 28 times. My cock length increased 1/2 inch. and my girth increased as well. I enjoy doing the jelqing and v-stretches even more.


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