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Newbie Jelqing Issue

Newbie Jelqing Issue

I just started a couple of days ago and I have a hard time maintaining an 80-90% erection for more than a few jelqs (10 reps tops) before I lose the hardness and my dick goes limp and decreases in size - but still pretty full of blood so not to a complete flaccid state. I have to masturbate before I can do more reps. It seem counterproductive. I tried watching porn while I do it but it doesn’t help. I have been masturbating everyday for the last 2 weeks so maybe my penis is desensitized to touch and I need to quit doing it to maybe once or twice a week tops to make the jelqing sessions more productive. Any other ideas to help me out? Is this a normal issue for newbies?

Porn! You need better quality shit. Get stuff that you haven’t watched before.

Also, stop jerking off.

If you just started a couple days ago, I would back off on the erection strength anyways. Start out in the 50-70 percent range for now and maybe only do a small amount of 80-90 jelqs at the end until you have built up the conditioning to handle more erect jelqs.

The instinct is to want to do it erect because it builds more pressure but if you over do it, you can injure yourself.

Stop masturbating so much.

Maybe cut back a little on the masturbation.

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It’s just that I get up every morning with a raging hard-on, so I just do the deed. But I’m definitely cutting back on it to maybe once a week only for now. I was also reading up on some old threads and it is possible that I might be using a bit too hard of a grip for a newbie that forces my penis to lose the hardness.

Yeah too much pressure will make you lose your erection. Too much will put up your dicks natural defenses and protect it. Try a lighter grip and slower jelqs like 5 seconds each one.

Stick with it as long as you feel good afterword the EQ will increase then you will have trouble with 110% erection not wanting to go down while trying to jelq. As stated its good to jelq at less than 100% erection anyways.

Don’t jelq at such a high %, I like to do it with a semi. Start with a completely flaccid standing up, at first you’re like jelqing nothing but by 20ish you’re in exactly the right semi state to jelq, now the problem is to keep it that way, just focus on other things, not sexual.

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