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Newbie jelq

Newbie jelq

When I jelq, I have a really hard time keeping my penis erect and after every 5 strokes or so it goes back to a flaccid state. So I stop jelqing and masturbate a little to get it erect again. Does this make the exercises less effective, since it’s not a full continues motion? And if so what can I do to keep my penis erect throughout the entire exercise?

Alright Ill keep doing the same thing I’ve been doing, and I’ve tried porn but then my dick gets too hard and I read your not supposed to jelq at 100% erection or you could cause damage.

Alright thanks a lot thunder, but one more question. How is olive oil for a lubricant?

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First of all, great forum. Secondly, I’ve got this issue as well. Without sufficient stimulation, I go soft quickly, and, in the three sessions since I started to jelq, it’s been a problem. I typically end up doing most of the strokes at far less than 50% erect. Sometimes, it seems more like stretching than anything else. Porn doesn’t really help — I’ve never stayed hard for long periods without sufficient stimulation, unless I’m taking Viagra or Cialis. This is one main reason I’m doing PE.

Has anyone else dealt with this challenge? I searched the site, but did not come up with anything.

When you are jelqing you penis seems like it is more erect than it really is, I was jelqing today and I thought my dick was about 80% erect and I let it go and it was really only about 60% so make sure you check that

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