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Newbie intro to Group


Newbie intro to Group

I only recently was fortunate enough to come across this forum and wanted to take the time to introduce myself.

Everyone has been really upfront with their personal information so here’s mine. I’m a 35 year old living in N. Jersey. I’ve been thinking about doing this for some time (who hasn’t) but never really thought it was possible.

I haven’t as of yet taken flaccid measurements, but erect it comes out to 7 1/8 length, 6 5/8ths girth (at mid shaft). I am hoping for general all around gains, but especially in the flaccid state (I’m a grower).

Wanted to thanh everyone in advance for all the great advice and information, and look forward to getting to know everyone better.

Glad to have you here. That is one helluva starting girth! And a good length to start from as well.

Hi Jersey,

Welcome to the forum.

Welcome Jersey. Sounds like you’re already sporting a good size rod there (compared to me), but you came to the right place for improvements.

Thanks everyone.

Ouch….there are female members!!::)

My initial post contained a number of typos:) What I meant to say was….:)

Philly: Girls have said that, but psychologically I always felt they were just being nice.I had one gf back when I was 22 who was less than kind, so that kind of always stuck in the back of my mind. It’s not like most guys see other guys in that state, so how can you tell. The site has been informative. How have the exercises worked for you

Thanks Memento: I hpe the avator just represents your looking like a very effeminate guy::) If not, just ignore this thread and never mention it again:)

Kandu: Thanks. I hope so. Will take some time to really tell. Have you had much success?

>Ouch….there are female members!!<

There are and for the most part they are all very nice (most of the time).

>Thanks Memento: I hpe the avator just represents your looking like a very effeminate guy<

Sounds about right. I see you are carrying on with the typos (we do have a spell checker).


Truly no offense was intended. I was only teasing.

Also, I’ll proofread prior to posting in the future

I would say everyone here who has given the excercises a good try has gained. You just have to be consistant and believe.

>Truly no offense was intended. I was only teasing. <

No offense taken, calling a bi man effeminate isn’t likely to cause offense.


I had no idea, but should have been more deliberative prior to posting. My sincerest apologies. I wrongly assumed I was addressing a female, and proceeded to make a lame joke.

In my defense I was dropped often, and from considerable heights, on my head as a child. Apparently my parents didn’t care for my humor either.:)

rofl. You should fit in fine here.


Thanks for not busting my balls over the mistake. Apart from the uncomfortable irony,given where we’re posting from, I suspect there will be enough self inflected punishment in the months ahead anyway once I start on a routine.:)

Also I think the public should be more sympathetic of those of us with a twisted sense of humor (the cramping alone is unbearable).

Not long ago I took a girl to dinner (true story) who kept making vague references about her ex boyfriend. I jokingly asked “What happened to him, you didn’t kill him did you?” hahaha

Turns out he committed suicide six months earlier.

Ba Da boom

So I take solace in the fact that at least I didn’t make you cry.:)


Welcome, and as memento said, you will fit in just fine here! Oh, and I am one of the females, I even show pussy in my avatar.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

And what a pussy.


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