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Newbie here!

Newbie here!

Im about to start trying out PE. I have looked around the PE forum for some weeks, but its hard to find info in one place, its very many links and the info is very hard to get togheter. Is there some “manual” someplace you can print out? With the basics of routine and PE exercises?

Thx for the links, I have looked at them before but its very many links and info in different places its hard to get a good grasp of everything. It would be nice if there was a Word doc with a “starters guide” you could print out?

Welcome to Thunder’s, jaaag. We very rarely spoon feed people here, let alone chew the food for them. You need to read and learn things. Put some effort into it. PE takes time and dedication. If you aren’t willing to read and learn for yourself then I don’t think you’ll last too long. Technique is gathered together in the Tutorials Forum under the Members Only section. Everything else you need to know to start is in the Newbie Thread (link in my signature). Just start reading, you’ll pick it up as you go. We all had to do the same thing. Not sure what you want to print out and why. The only thing you will probably need to print ut is the Newbie Routine (linked in the Newbie Thread) or maybe the instructions for how to perform the exercises (again, in the Tutorials Forum). Good luck.

Start with the Newbie Thread and go from there. I know there is a lot of info here, but if you read read read you’ll pick it up quickly. In a couple weeks you won’t beleive everything you have learned.


You’re a newbie who has been a member since November of 2003?

What happened, decided it wasn’t for you than changed your mind?

Anyway…Good luck in your progress and be diligent. :)

Yeah, I commented about that in the other thread he started. Didn’t notice he was a member for that long until after I posted….lol.


Lol, that’s the oldest newbie member I’ve seen yet!

Good luck with your gains, glad you decided to give it a try after 2 years.

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Welcome aboard!

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