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Newbie here!

Newbie here!

Where do I get started?

I want a bigger penis quick! :D

Whoah Jupiter,
Take it easy. You can get a couple 1/16ths of an inch pretty quick, but this is a game to play over the long haul. Try using the search feature of the site to search for “newbie routine”. That should get you started.

By the way, welcome to Thunders Place, I hope you continue to keep posting.


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Welcome Jupiter, nice to have you here!

I would suggest to start with this thread.
It covers the most important topics concerning this forum and PE!

After that, take a look at this link.
It’s a basic routine that you should understand after reading the first thread.

Thunder’s Place Video Series is a great thread with videos for the
most important manual exercises.

Good luck and happy gaining, JohnJohn

01.01.04: 6.75" BP x 5.50" . . . . . Next Goal: 7.50" BP x 5.50" . . . . Pics

01.03.04: 7.15" BP x 5.50" . . . . . Ultimate : 8.00" NBP x 6.00" . . . . Progress Report

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Welcome to Thunder’s Jupiter!!!!!!!!

I hope you find all the information here as useful as I have. As a fellow PE enthusiast who is not so far along: take it slow, set realistic goals, be persistent, and watch it grow!!!!!!!! It take time but in the end it will be worth every inch!


Started 12/26/03
NBPEL : 5.25”
EG: 4.5”

As of 2/6/04:
NBPEL : 6.1”
EG: 5.25”

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