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newbie here...

newbie here...

hi, im new here (well i registered a while back but never really followed throught) and now im ready to get started with the newbie routine. I’m current 5.5 erect and 26 years old, hoping to grow some. Any tips on getting started?? I just started the routine on tuesday this week 6/10/09. Later guys, ill try to keep a log and see how it goes, i just have a question about the newbie routine, its 2 days on and one off right? so mon and tue, then wend off then thus and fri how about weekends, 2 off??? Thanks!!!

Hi Pico.

About the newbie routine, you can choose from 5 days and 2 of rest, that is every day except weekends, and 2 days and 1 day of rest, that is inter-diary, one day you do and one you rest.

Take care and keep it up man ^^

The best way to get started is to follow the Forum Guidelines as far as punctuation, capitalization and spelling goes, or you won’t last long around here.

The other best thing to do as you start your Newbie routine is to use moderation and don’t try to force results. If you hurt yourself it won’t work, so stay in control and stay patient.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Thanks guys, and I’ll work on my spelling for you gprent. I guess I’ll try 5 days on 2 days off. I’m also aiming to start hanging at the start of my 3rd month. But i do not know much about it? What is the best method, best hanger, how to add it to the routine, and so on. Thanks again.

First week went along and now I’m about to start my second week with the newbie routine. I’m very excited and going to aim for 1” for 8 months of PE. Any thoughts??Thanks guys.

Hey, Pico!

Welcome to your new obsession! I started PE at about the same size and age as you. I’ve been doing it for about six months now. As a newbie myself, my best advice for you is to be very consistent and try not to overdo it. Be diligent also. I tried to do a lot at first with the 4-5 days on and 1-2 days off and I felt like I was doing too much. I then switched to Jelqing and manual stretching 2 on 1 off and I feel it is the right amount of stress and recovery. I started out about 10 mins jelq and 10 mins stretching and am now at about 20 mins jelq and 30 mins stretching on the newbie routine. Just add more time along the way as your penis gets more conditioned. I am staying with the newbie routine until I hit the year mark and then start varying it up from there. Hope that helps.


Thanks seeking. Have your gains been up to what you expected?? I’m really going to stick to this routine, I’m enjoying it already. I know it has only been one week but it feels that my FL has seen a little difference. Here are my number as of right now BPEL 6.1 NBPEL 5.5. I like to think that the real size is 5.5 NBPEL because that is all you really see right? Later. I’ll keep on posting to follow my gains.

The key is to stay consistant. Think of it as a lifestyle, not a chore :)

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