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Newbie here

Newbie here

Hey guys, I just joined a few days ago. My starting size is BPEL: 7.874 - EG: 6.34 - BPFL: 5.75 - FLG:4.75.

I just started the newbie routine. We’ll see how that works.

Just got a knock on the front door!! Awesome!! The postman just left me my vacuum pump that I ordered off the internet!!
All right!! I’m looking forward to using it after I finish my newbie routine.

I am really more interested in increasing my flacid length and girth. I gave my flacid dimensions above but sometimes my flacid length and girth does get smaller [especially when I sit at a computer and my pants or jeans are tighter against my unit]. In other words my flacid length and girth does not remain constant but varies. Anyway, I would like to increase my flacid length by a couple of inches, if possible.

This forum is absolutely the greatest!! I am glad to be a part of it!

Welcome aboard, TallTexan. You have a great size to start with.

Good luck.

Hi pegain,

Thanks for the compliment!! I use the handle TallTexan because I am 6’8” in height and I was actually born [as they say down there] in the “Great State of Texas”. I will be posting my gains as they come. I look forward to talking with y’all [sorry for the slip ha! Ha!] I mean you guys in the future.

Welcome, you have very large starting stats! You could make a monster soon…:)

This is a great forum, easily the best I visit.

Welcome from a fellow Texan, and with your starting stats, please stay away from the Dallas ladies.

Enviable starting position TallTexan. Just give it a really good squeeze and you should hit the magic 8x6 in about 20 seconds flat. You can retire from PE today!

To all you guys,

Lord Harris, SonnyC, ginger7,

Thanks for all the positive comments. As you guys pointed out, I do have some great beginning stats. But why stop there?? My goal is to reach at least 9-10” in length. That would be absolutely awesome!! Only the sky is the limit!!

Hey, SonnyC, Glad to see there’s another fellow Texan on board. I no longer live there, but a lot of my family members live down there and I visit them from time to time.

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