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Newbie here, seeking clarification, any help is appreciated

Newbie here, seeking clarification, any help is appreciated

Hi guys,

I am new to this forum, started PE about 3 weeks ago, did it like 2 times, The newbie routine. Initially I think I went a bit hard on the exercises and felt bad soreness all over. It almost felt like a nerve pain. I immediately stopped until the pain subsided completely and have just started 2 days back.

An important thing I realised was the reason I was too hard on myself was because I was lacking self confidence in myself and felt less of a man when I found I had doubts of being able to have sex. So much so that I wanted to see instant results like having a long and thick penis. I am currently at 4.5” length and 5 on girth. After my bad soreness, I decided that probably the first step is to just accept myself completely for who I am, which also meant accept my current size of my penis for what it is before even aspiring for longer and thicker size.

So I decided to take things really slow and in the process decided I am going to enjoy the PE process rather than treat it like a drill. So it’s been only 2 days, been following the newbie routine exactly and been gentle on myself. Maybe it’s too early, but I wanted to seek some advise on a few observations I am noticing after my PE.

1. Light soreness is there, however I find my morning wood has diminished. Is this expected?
2. Since I have been having porn induced erectile dysfunction, is it ok for me to do PE exercises and notice that my EQ quality is low because of that? I feel maybe I need to give it a lot of time. Can anyone clarify this please?
3. I am uncircumcised, so when I do the stretches, I roll back my skin over the head, which is very sensitive, I grip just below the head and do the stretches. Thing is sometimes my skin just rolls back over the head when I notice my erection looses during the grip.. Is this ok? Since the head is very sensitive, after the exercises, I feel soreness around the head, is this normal?
4. When I do the wet jelqing, I generally again roll the skin over the head, however I notice I have around 60% erection, and continue doing a milking motion with an ok grip.. I apply light pressure till I reach the head and then continue.. My doubt is after this exercise I thought my penis should be erect, however I find I loose erection quickly.. Is this expected?
5. Is edging without porn recommended for improving erection quality, I do this after a full newbie routine but wanted your advise as well.

Would appreciate any advise on the above points.

Thanks in advance,

1/2. This is not necessarily a bad sign (call it neutral), but if it continues you should consider dialing back the intensity a bit.

3. Are you trying to stretch while erect? If so, stop. Stretching should be done fully flaccid. This could very well be the reason for your soreness and drop in EQ.

4. 60% erection is fine. There’s no reason to get erect afterwards, just let it subside and go on with your day. The ok-grip is generally not a very good approach. Try to focus on the sides of your shaft and avoid building excessive pressure in the skin/CS/glans (don’t tighten around the bottom of the penis).

5. Sometimes rest is better. I don’t see any harm in edging, though. If you like it, keep doing it.

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