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Newbie here, quick question

Newbie here, quick question

Are typical gains from doing these exercises permanent? Also, I am into steroids and growth hormone for body building, this should help increase size and repair time just like muscles when exercised right? How long might it take for someone to see noticeable results? Is this something I should plan to do for years?

Yes, they can be permanent if you do the exercises to keep your gains. I don’t think steroids and GH would help increase penis size and repair (I’m not 100% sure about this). It varies from person to person on how they gain and in the time they can gain. And yes, this penis enlarging thing will take years.

Thanks for the response, I’m exited to see the results. Right now I’m at or slightly below 7” depending on the day, sometimes over 7” long. I would like to increase girth mostly, but length gains wouldn’t hurt either :) Should I start looking into the weights? I have to go now and don’t have time to read up on it yet but is that something I could wear at work (I stand all day)? How well do they work?

Start with the newbie routine, stick to it for three months. Otherwise you’ll most likely hurt yourself.

Yes it work I had results in a couple of days.

As vurpollon said, start with the newbie routine. The biggest mistake new guys make is going overboard. (When it comes to PE, pain = no gain—not the other way around).

Also, Jose Canseco says in his book, Juiced, that growth hormones actually helped make his penis bigger.

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