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Newbie here, need help from experienced guys

Newbie here, need help from experienced guys

Hi, I’m an 18 year old guy with a 7.3” tool , but I always wanted a bigger a one and am glad I discovered this awesome site and all you awesome guys. I need some advice on how to get started , preferably with some schedule.I won’t take much of your, not Ur time, but please do reply. I am from India, and most of the guys out here are average six inches, so I wanna be someone exceptional !! Hope you guys will help me in being so !

Welcome to Thunder’s. Well, that’s a nice size tool. You got an inch on me. Start with the Newbie Routine, that’s the best schedule to get you started. It’s linked in the thread Thunder spoke of (linked in my signature “Newbie Thread”). Take your time and do it right. The last thing you want to do is try to rush things and hurt yourself. Don’t force gains, they will come. There are lots of great people here to help you if you get stuck, but read for yourself first. Give a man a fish….

Good luck to you!


Most of the guys are 6 inches here, that is why it is called “the average”

Your already a well hung stud :) Welcome and be carefull you only have one dick and at 18 all the time in the world

Newbie Routine

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