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Newbie here looking for tips.

Newbie here looking for tips.

Hey everyone, just started yesterday and I’m doing the Newbie routine to the best of my understanding.
I was just posting to see if anyone had any tips for me or any information that could help me grow?
Right now I’m like 5.75 length and 4.75 girth or so.. My girlfriend says I don’t need to try this but that’s bullshit haha I wanna get bigger just looking for some good pointers and help from all you guys.

I just starting jelqing last night with oil and I’m not sure if I’m doing it properly or not

Most important thing is to build up gradually and avoid injury. Do the warmup, use gentle force, take rest days. After a while you’ll get a feel for the force thresholds and optimal workout amounts by learning to listen to your dick when it’s tired or hurting.

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Read everything you possibly can on this website!

Thanks guys

Originally Posted by rbi99
How do I know if I am effectively jelqing?
Many guys here ask how do they know if their girth routine is being done correctly or is effective, and there are several areas you can look at which will help you with that determination. These simple tests will tell you if you are effectively moving blood up your shaft, but even if you are, there could still be room for improvement in technique or intensity levels. If an exercise doesn’t seem to be moving blood, it could be an error on your part with technique, or maybe you think you are squeezing hard enough, but you’re not. Maybe due to a physical limitation certain exercises won’t be as effective for you. If this is the case then alternatives can be sought out.

Several tests that will tell you if your jelqing routine is effective or not are the following:
1) for either the V’s or regulars, leave your first jelq grip at the base of your glans (don’t squeeze too tightly) and start your second jelq. You should feel the fingers near your glans start to expand. This is caused by the increased blood flow being created by the second jelqing motion you are starting at your base.
2) touch your glans as you approach it with a jelq. The harder your glans feels to the touch, the more blood you have effectively moved into it.
3) look at your urethra opening (pee hole) after you are finished with your jelqing session. If the area around it is puffed up, this indicates you had an effective session and your glans is still swollen with blood from the routine.
4) Look at the color of your glans before you start your routine and then compare it when you are finished. It should be darker in color, a clear indication that extra blood was forced into it.
5) another good sign of a well done jelq is when the area below your jelqing stroke remains pale looking, while the area above the jelq is darker in color. This indicates you are pushing blood up your shaft, while not letting much escape below it.
6) know what your mid girth is at different flaccid lengths (since flaccid size varies so often). After your routine measure your length and then the corresponding mid girth measurement. If your normal mid girth size is say 4” when your flaccid length is 4 3/4”, and after your routine your mid girth is more than 4” at that 4 3/4” length, guess what, your whole unit is expanded from your solid girth routine.

Originally Posted by JonPop
Wet Jelq: 30-60% erection level. Just erected enough to move the blood from as close to the pelvic bone to just under the glans. Hold the bulge for 3-4 seconds to keep the glans expanded and without releasing, start the second hand up. Release the first hand at the top when half way up with the second hand. Do this slowly, about for the quick count of 5. Only squeeze hard enough to trap the blood and move it up the shaft.
This degree of erection will prevent burst capillaries, bruising and thrombosed veins.

Warning! If you haven’t gotten improved erections:
Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth!
firegoat - Length Gains
firegoat - Head Swelling Sign of a “Good” Jelq
Finally learning to jelq

Thanks a lot MrB8, I have trouble keeping my erection at like 70% I usually get 90-100% any tips how I can control that?

I’m new here as well, but I found that if I stop for a few seconds and squeeze just under the head of my penis It helps. Maybe we can both get some incite.

Most people experience this when first starting out. Its more the psychological aspect of touching your dick than the sensation of it. Some people watch tv while jelqing which tends to help keep your mind off it, others masturbate before a session to prevent it from happening. Or you might find that after a few weeks you no longer get aroused and it fixes itself on its own.

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Originally Posted by Kanadian
Thanks a lot MrB8, I have trouble keeping my erection at like 70% I usually get 90-100% any tips how I can control that?

Sorry for the late reply

Originally Posted by rbi99
If you can’t maintain enough erection while jelqing:
1) cut back on masturbation - remember - horny is good
2) make sure your unit isn’t trying to tell you that it has been overworked lately
3) make sure your sessions don’t run too long and/or aren’t too intense
4) make sure you are not distracted, overly tired, not feeling well or stressed out
5) if you really don’t feel like doing PE at this time, do it tomorrow
6) erection levels can fluctuate during a session, keep going to see if it gets harder again
7) lower erection levels may help in length gains
8) make several strong kegels, get your grip, then hold the kegel as you jelq - repeat as necessary. If after a couple of kegels you still don’t reach the erection level you want, continue jelqing, but between jelqs repeat the kegels. It might take a few strokes with kegeling to get the necessary blood in. Also, like I mentioned before, don’t just kegel and release. Hold the kegel as you jelq. It will help draw more blood in behind the jelq. At the end of the jelq, release the kegel, than kegel again.
9) look at your unit as you jelq, watch as it changes while you jelq. Enjoy how the jelqing motion feels on your penis. Look in a mirror. Make the whole thing as erotic as you need or want to. Imagine precum dripping from the end of your unit. All of these images will make it more erotic, thus improve you chances of increasing erection level.
10) some use porn, some feel it is better to stay away from it - but might help initially

If you get too hard while jelqing:
1) newbies often have this happen, a few sessions may help in calming down
2) masturbation or sex a few hours prior can help initially - horny is bad in this situation
3) erection levels can fluctuate during a session, keep going to see if it gets softer
4) higher erection levels target girth more effectively (too hard can lead to injury)
5) try not to look at your unit or think about jelqing in any kind of sexual manner
6) try using some form of distraction (music, random thoughts, tv, etc.)
7) stop for a few moments and try to relax, while stopped incorporate #’s 5 and 6 above

All those are great points I had the same problem when I first started jelqing after a few weeks of practice it is easier to control the erection level

Very good info Mr.B8


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Heat is the key!

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