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Newbie here looking for advice. Have questions.

Newbie here looking for advice. Have questions.

Hi all. I am a 34 year old dude looking for info on this.

I used to be curious about this when I was very young (19) and wondered if my penis could be enlarged then but I was more skeptical of the methods and as the internet was quite new then there was very limited information on the methods and results or risks associated with them but now 15 years later I randomly came across an article discussing how penis lengthening techniques using weights or extenders really do lengthen the penis which got me interested again.

I consider my penis pretty normal at around 4 inches flaccid and 6 inches erect. Nothing special. Ideally I would like to be 7 inches erect although a whole inch length gain seems pretty damn ambitious but I would still settle for a half inch gain so long as the risks are low but here in lies a problem as I have been reading around and come across stories on here and elsewhere of people getting erection angle loss, and other blood circulation problems and even scars through using weights or other things which has put me right off. I am keen to add size to my member but if these risks are really that common then no.

Anyway here are some questions I had for the PE veterans:

Through using weights on the penis or extenders how long on average do you need to use them for to see any weight gain. 3 months? 6 months? A year?
Is there a limit to gains?
Are we only stretching the penis at the cost of losing girth?
What is safer between a penis extender and weights?
What is the best way to be sure you would not damage your penis in anyway and whats the safest method for a beginner?

Also what do you guys make of these enlargement pills? I would not waste my time on those they are nothing but a scam. Anyway cool forum! Looking forward to replies thanks.

Welcome to the forum Dan1222.

1. Everyone is different so it’s hard to accurately guess how long, or even if, a particular method will take to produce the desired results.For a newbie we’d never recommend starting with either until your penis is well conditioned by doing the Newbie Routine for a few months. As far as limits, most guys will get good gains at the start, then the gains tend to taper off. Extreme gains, seem to only come with extreme dedication and a long time.

2. You will not lose girth by stretching and gaining length.

3. See answer #1

4. Newbie routine, conditioning, warm-up, proceeding carefully, listening to the vets.

Good luck and don’t spend any money on pills!!

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You mention gains tend to taper off. Does this always happen? Is any gain permanent?

Originally Posted by Dan1222

You mention gains tend to taper off. Does this always happen? Is any gain permanent?

Means that as you gain, additional gains will become harder to obtain, or if not putting in all the hard work, may stop coming at all at some point.

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You mention gains tend to taper off. Does this always happen? Is any gain permanent?

Kind of like when you first start working out at the gym. You notice the mass of your muscles seems to improve the most when you first stat. After that it seems to taper off gradually. With dedication and changing of routine you can continue to improve your fitness. I have been dedicated for 9 months now and would say that I gained a half inch in my first 3 months. The next half inch was about a 5 month process. I am now working more on girth so I fully expect the length gains to nearly stop. Just read as much as you can and be sure to not overwork yourself.

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