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Newbie here . Kindly please help.

Newbie here . Kindly please help.

Greetings to all.
I have a condition called ” Phimosis “. It has been some days since I started to work on it. I just want to make a couple of queries. Please help me.

1: I measured my Penis and got the following measurements.
Bone pressed flaccid stretched length (pulling only the foreskin ) = 5.51 inches
Bone pressed erect length = 5.59 inches.
I found out that they are pretty much the same length. Is it possible that my foreskin is controlling my erect length? Is it possible for my erect length to be more Once I cure my Phimosis.
2: I masturbate with my right hand. Just few days ago, I realized that my Penis has twisted to the left. Is it due to masturbating with my right hand? What can I do to Make it straight?
3: My Penis is somewhat flat. It is thickest on mid shaft and little bit thinner on base and tip. What can I do to make it all round?
4: I had hernia during birth but I never experienced any pain till date. Is it safe for me to P.E?

I just started to explore my Penis since I started dating . I new to P.E and plan to start it once I cure my Phimosis.
Kindly please help me.
Thank you all.

1. If that would be the case, I think you would feel pain when erect.

2. Some people believe that is the case, but we really don’t know. If you think that, start masturbating with your left hand.

3.There are techinques that can make your penis thicker at the base, but for now better you stick with the newbie routine (assued that you want to begin doing PE, of course).

4. Yes. I had hernia surgery when I was 13yo and PE has not done any harm.

Hey man, I just posted in an old thread today regarding phimosis. Check it out.

Circumcised guys have larger FLACCID glans

My post is on the last page and Bart is the other guy who experienced this. Maybe it can help you.

My penis started turning also and yea since then I have been using my left. I think it will work. Lets post some results in a couple months.

FL: 4.1/8 in FG: 4.0 in GROW GROW GROW!!

EL: 5.0 in EG:4 3/8 in

Goal: 7 1/2 x 6in

Firstly, thank you for replying. I was bit busy in work and all . I couldn’t thank you guys before.

I just have a new question. I feel like it is going to take quite a while to cure my Phimosis.

Is is possible for me to do P.E while I cure Phimosis. I want to do it together .

Thank you again

Hunter, welcome brother.

I don’t believe phimosis will hinder any sort of gains because size increases are caused mainly by tissue increases. The skin will grow to accommodate the increased size. You will find as you read through the forums quite a few members get more skin before any sort of gains. Just follow the newb routine for a few months consistently and deliberately and see where it takes you. As you gain girth, you may end up evening out.

As for the phimosis, it really depends on how severe it is. If its such that you can retract it fully when flaccid but can’t when erect then try this. I read it somewhere here, that in your spare time as much as possible keep it retracted. After a few weeks the skin stretches enough that you cant retract in when erect. Remember to keep it retracted for as much as possible and it kinda evens it self out after a period of time. If you can’t retract it even when flaccid then its gonna take more time. Roll back as far as you can add a bit of vitamin E. After a minute roll back for a few seconds. Rinse and repeat for 5 minutes or so. As weeks and your duration increases you should see some improvement.

This is probably all broscience but I’m uncut and was tight everywhere. When flaccid I could fully retract but not with a good stiffy. After what I did above after about 3 weeks or so I could retract fully when erect although its still pretty tight. But work in progress.

As far as your hernia, I can’t say. But if you can jerk off then you should be able to PE.

Good luck.

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