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Newbie here, first post. Please be kind and helpful. Opinions needed.

Newbie here, first post. Please be kind and helpful. Opinions needed.

Well like I said it’s my first thread here. My history with p/e is that of some very random solo hanging over the last 15 years. No routine or nothing, just strapping it on every blue moon. I also did a little stretching on occasion. Anyway I am here and it’s for myself and my wife both. Self esteem for me and pleasure for my wife.

Anyway I have been using my own modified newbie routine.

I have settled into 3 minutes warmup with washcloth. Next I have been jelqing 12-15 min with what are quality jelqs to me as I am still learning technique. My jelqs are 10 down, 10 squat up to belly button, repeat x 12 minute. I throw in a Uli 3 every now and then. I next switch to stretches weather it be now or later. I do about 10 minutes of stretches like 10 down 30 sec, 10 up 30 seconds, repeat for 5 minutes, then move to 360 stretches 10 rotations, 9 rotations oppo direction, 8 oppo.etc, down to 1, with keggles on each count. My final p/e movement is probably an hour of keggles of all different times each night at work.

I know it sounds like alot for a newbie routing but I had some strength and I don’t over do it, my days are like 3 on 1 off, 2 on 1 off depending how I feel. I am in tuned to not overtraining from weight training. So I am seeing gains, measured a morning wood at 6.5 the other morning. .5 up from first measure. What I am most excited about is my EQ is through the roof, my cock is getting thick and solid. My wife can’t keep her hands off it, even though we are going through a rough time with our marriage. First rough time of our marriage and I am making a complete makeover of myself, new cleaning routine, some clothing, more attention to wife, more cards, flowers, rubs, less suspicion. Boys you better take care of what you got while you got it and let them know that they are up on that pedestal while you can because I can tell you that playing catch-up is no fun. If I was only enlightened a month earlier.

Anyway let me know what you think. I have gained some length(1/4-1/2 initially), started hitting the cervix in certain positions. The girth is growing a little(1/4), she is being satisfied along with some toys and extra oral I provide. I’m not a measuring guy. I am a goal guy. And my name is I got the tongue going, the toys going, the hands going, the cock growing, the foreplay outta-this world, and my communication to my feelings is candid.

Last points, I’m hitting the cervix now missionary without leg up but more with it up. I makes her yell, but I think with it down it makes her squeal and not hurt. I feel the girth is mattering but not sure. The keggle control is helping but my already large load is getting larger which I have had no complaint of.

Bottom line is my EQ is great, confidence great, morning wood, wood on sight, wood on a slight brush, wood on thoughts of grandure. Anyway thanks thunders.

Anybody who could give me any tips on a non- strict, by feel, routine I would appreciate it. Anywa I’m seeing posive results on all ends, and thats wha matters.guyt


Well. welcome! It sounds as though what you’re doing is working. I couldn’t figure out when you actually started, but .5” lengh and .25” girth is a great start. I don’t know, but 15 minutes of jelqing sounds like maybe a bit much for starting. You might consider dialing that back a bit. Read (or reread) the warning to newbies. I’m wanting to make sure that your obvious enthusiasm doesn’t end up with you hurt. Good luck!

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