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Newbie here, few questions

Newbie here, few questions

First off I’ve been pumping on and off for about a year and had noticeable girth gains. I haven’t been recording what changes have happened so far but I do in the near future.

Length 5.5
Girth 5.25

So my questions are did I buy a quality pump, can anyone tell me if switching to a electric pump is better then a hand pump, should I do jelking with my routine, and I’ve heard a lot of timers about hanging that it makes your penis look stretched and can cause bad injury but is that true.

The pump I bought is From Dr. Joel Kaplan. Seems to be nice and came with two cylinders. One for girth and one for length. Cost me about 230 bucks but I’m looking to buy an electric pump for more consistency. Should I or not?

I started the newbie routine today and plan on integrating it into my pumping. Should I or not, why, and how?

I’m looking to gain mainly length at this point, I’m happy with my girth for now. I want to do this as quickly as possible. Is hanging safe? Should I include in in what I’m doing already?

Ps I’ve been on this forum for about two weeks searching and looking things up. Sorry if I missed anything in threads already posted. Been doing my best to follow the guidelines of the forum.

Start the newbie routine without pumping for the first few weeks, then add your pumping in slowly. As the weeks go on, up the reps and sets of your jelqing, stretching and pumping. Should see gains after the 3 months I’m sure!

Also I was wondering, with pumping. How is it done.. Is it dangerous and because I have a gf and live with her mum n her bf I don’t have much privacy, so would it be able to get done? Thanks and welcome to TP everyone has great advice and answers!

P.s if you’re looking to mainly gain length, do more stretches, avoid dry jelqs and squeezes.

Well from what I’ve read from dr kaplans website you do a warm up first just like on this website and pump for 10 mins, message and rest for 5 mins, then 10 mins more pumping. Also it says on there that you should keep the pressure between 5psi and not to exceed 10 psi ever. It takes about a half hour. 2 days on 1 day off. It’s very easy to if you have a lock on your door. Btw I’m in the same situation, I live with my gf her mom and her brother and its easy for me to find time with a lock on the door

I want to start pumping but not sure what my girlfriend would think of it. But that routine does sound promising.. Cheers bro, big help! Good luck with your gains

Once I got a doughnut ring but the was only because I didn’t warm up or message in between sessions. Plus I was at 7 to 8 psi which I wasn’t ready for yet. It’s a take it slow process at first

My girlfriend actually gets turned on from me pumping. I guess seeing a bigger penis and me touching myself really turns her on. But in all honesty it’s your decision and your body. You decide if you want to do it or not

I’m uncut so I’m pretty sure I won’t experience donut rings. And yeah, i think I over trained yesterday so I’m going to take a few days off before starting slow again

I had bought a pump one week before I discovered Thundersplace. Have found TP when looking for pumping hints and discovered the Newbie routine which convinced me at first go. The pump is laying unused since then.

Ok, I tried it once but it didn’t feel “natural” to me. I’ll keep it for later phases and as potential plateau-braker.

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Originally Posted by Nickspartan

My girlfriend actually gets turned on from me pumping. I guess seeing a bigger penis and me touching myself really turns her on. But in all honesty it’s your decision and your body. You decide if you want to do it or not

Mm I wonder if my girlfriend would enjoy it too.. Will have to try it out one day! Cheers for your info man!

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