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Newbie Help

Newbie Help

Ok, I signed up a bit ago, started with basics, never got any confirmation of growth but I felt like I was making progress just couldn’t tell for sure.

Now I’m back. The thing is, I’m starting off, well….one of the lucky ones I guess. I’m approx 7.0-7.25” NBPEL by 5.6-5.7” EG.

Where should I start off? What can you all recommend for me?

I’m not sure I want too much more length (I already occasionally hit my wife’s cervix and she is not a petite woman…she’s tall and fits me nicely which was part of the reason I married her after having girlfriends that I was basically too big for). At the same time, a little of length would be nice….maybe 7.5-7.75”.

Girth wise, I’m all ears. I realize I may not need too much more but after popping out a few kids, I’m not worried about my wife handling it.

I just need some suggestions and encouragement. I’m also on a fitness workout routine and shedding the pounds so my cock is growing in that regard as well ;-).

Thank you for anything you can share, advise, proclaim, etc, and thanks for your support!

Welcome to the group. You’re definitely starting out quite large. You’re beginning where most guys dream of ending!

Start with the newbie routine. It’s specifically designed to get guys started right and to make sure they’re well conditioned before moving on to more specialized exercises. (Girth only, for example)

Also get some accurate measurements. That way you can really tell if you’re making progress. Good luck.

:_pump: :donatecar

Thanks cl.

What do you recommend for measuring? Just good old fashioned ruler technique? I think I am still sorting out the exacts for NBPEL vs BPEL.

I’m also looking for recommendations for length and girth goals based on my starting point and other forum member’s experiences.

For you already starting out big, I would say you might be able to get to the magical 8x6” pretty easily if you start out slow, stay commited, and watch your PI’s closely of how your reacting to the PE.

If your dick isn’t too strengthened/conditioned then you should make newbie gains pretty fast. I envy you, you’re one lucky dude. :)

Thanks. I guess I have some parents to thank for that. I have to admit, the 8×6 sounds like a pretty solid goal to reach for!

And just an FYI, not that most don’t realize the fallacy of those wise old sayings, but I’m about 5’10” and have size 10.5 shoes.. Very average!

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