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Newbie Hello and Erection Sponginess?

Newbie Hello and Erection Sponginess?

Hello Fellow PE’rs,

Im a newbie, I’ve been PEing for 6 weeks, I’ve been lurking this forum for nearly all that time. You guys seem really nice, I was initially afraid to sign up, thinking that somehow my info was gonna get spread all over the internet, (I was paranoid). I truly believe that these exercises are working for me, and the night my wife looked at my penis after having sex, (where we both achieved orgasm together) and she saw that I was still large and semi-erect, she said “wow!”, that was the moment I was repaid for the money I shelled out for the Vigrx pills. I cant say that the pills are working, but that’s how I found this forum, and I can definitely say that this forum is worth the price of the pils. I started at 5.5” ebpl and I didnt measure girth, now I am 5.8” ebpl and 4.7” eg. Im 5’9” 210lbs so my unit looks small on me even when erect. I’ve been married more than 10 yrs, and we had been having difficulties in the bedroom for a while, (I wanted more, she didnt) since I started PE and we worked out some communication problems, we have been much more active and adventurous in bed.

I had some misguided ideas about what a large penis size would do for my wife’s enjoyment. Like so many other guys she had told me that I was the “perfect” size, and that a larger penis “might” hurt. She had also told me that she had only been with one guy who was “large” and that it was uncomfortable. Well, I know she was trying to spare my feelings and make me feel that my size was ok, but she didnt understand that the simple fact that I now know I’m not the biggest she’s had makes me more self concious. She really wasnt trying to be mean, she just didnt know she was making it worse.

Anyways, I dont mean to ramble, I just wanted to introduce myself and tell my story first before I started asking questions.

My first question is about erection sponginess. I PE 5 days a week ( in the mornings after the wife leaves for work and before the kids get up), and I skip the workouts on weekends. When the wife and I have sex during the week (at night) my erections feel like they are maybe 90%, and not rock hard like they used to get. Is this caused by the workout or maybe the pills? (vigrx 2 tabs in morning) I ‘ve had some really signifigant gains in girth, and a little in length. I also masturbate almost daily, which I have been doing my whole adult life. Should I skip the masturbation, I know Im not supposed to ejaculate immediately after PE, but is the masturbation causing fatigue?

Also can anyone explain what the affects of ejaculation are on the gains? I have read conflicting posts about this. One place said I shouldnt ejaculate until several hours later, and another place it told that some couples incorporate the PE into their foreplay.

Ok last question, I think I understand that I need to stretch the ligaments and tunica to gain length, but how does the PC muscle help with length gains? It seems that if I do a lot of Kegals, that I would be working against the efforts of the stretches. If my PC muscle gets stronger, then it will be harder to pull the ligs and tuncia right? Is my thinking right or not? Would that explain why some need to progress to hanging to further increase length?

Well Im happy to be here and I hope to post some progress reports as I go.

Thanks for everyone who posts here too, you really are providing a valuable service to many people.


Welcome I_want_8

I’m also new here and only 2 weeks into pe.

I like your outlook into the cost of the pills. I’ve just got some Viacyn pills and thought I’d wasted my money but after reading this I’m in total agreement with you, I’d never have found natural pe and this site if I hadn’t ordered the pills. And from the little gains I’m seeing so far (1/4” EL & EG), the cost was well worth it. Another bonus may be that they will enhance the natural exercises! You never know!!

Nice to see the wife has noticed. That got to be a huge motivator.

In relation to your questions, I’ll leave those for the more experienced to answer for you.

Best wishes

If you want to enhance your unit a great way is to loose fat.
If you think that you will get support from your wife (and it sounds like you will) you should tell her what you are doing, ask her support in it and why you are doing it (to rid yourself of long standing insecurities about sex and be a better lover to her). I was “hurting” my wife when I hit about 7 3/8, and actually took a rest. After I got to 7 1/2” I let my wife in on the secret and asked her how much bigger she would like it (note how I asked the question in a way that gives her permission to say) she said another inch!!
So I’m back on my way anotther half inch or so to go. Bottom line given time they adjust and like it. As I got bigger my wifes interest increased (I think this was all unconscious)and I think the reason is that her orgasms were more intense from before and more oftern multi orgasmic.

>>Like so many other guys she had told me that I was the “perfect” size, and that a larger penis “might” hurt.>>

We’ve been all told this. At 6”at 7” and again near 8”.

>>but is the masturbation causing fatigue?>>

Probably, but don’t over do the exercise either it takes time to condition your unit to this. Reduce masturbation. Wait several hours after workouts to have sex to avoid the tired dick scenario.

>>Also can anyone explain what the affects of ejaculation are on the gains?>>

I ejaculate at least once a day and I have been steadily gaining.

>>another place it told that some couples incorporate the PE into their foreplay. >>

could something like this be an opening to telling her and getting her support?

Regarding the pc muscle and stretching. Do a search on dld blaster, jai stetches, bib’s LOT theory. read read read especially the faq.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Welcome to the forum! :thumbs:

**Soft erections:

What is your routine? Try this: For one week, just do jelqing and don’t do stretching. Stretching has been known to cause weak erections for some people. This will be a way to see if this is the problem.

**Should I skip the masturbation, I know Im not supposed to ejaculate immediately after PE, but is the masturbation causing fatigue?

I say do whatever you want. Hell, it might even help with gains. It sounds like you’re gaining nicely, so I wouldn’t worry about it. Personally, though, I think it’s better to hold off on the masturbation to build up sexual energy before sex, but sometimes I just can’t help myself. :)

**I think I understand that I need to stretch the ligaments and tunica to gain length, but how does the PC muscle help with length gains?

When the PC muscle is flexed, the penis is harder to stretch. When the PC muscle is relaxed, stretching is more effective, equaling better gains.

**If my PC muscle gets stronger, then it will be harder to pull the ligs and tuncia right?

No. As your PC gets stronger, you will have more control and “feel” of how your PC operates, allowing you to flex or relax your PC when you wish to (helps with certain length exercises like JAIs and DLD Blasters).

Before I started posting, I had that same anxiety that you had, but I’m glad you decided to come out from LurkerLand because I enjoyed reading your story, and I’m sure others will to. :)


Thanks for yor support luvdadus, I think your post about your story in the Veterans forum was the reason I told my wife. I would never want to hurt her, and I was concerned that If she felt pain, that would make her less interested in sex. Which was one of our main problems. She has had 2 very large babies vaginally (one 9 lbs 14 1/2 oz and one 8 lbs 9 oz) and now her uterus is starting to prolaps. She also has a copper IUD in place that has caused her some discomfort.
I was going to use the e-mail suggestion to tell her about it and ask her how big she would like me to be, but since we nearly divorced last fall, we have worked out a lot of our communication problems, and telling her was no problem.
I was curious about the “CDS” though and did a search about it, and I thik that maybe her prolaps might just work to my advantage……hehehehehe
Last September, because my wife was working night shift and I was home alone with the Kids every night, I was contemplating an affair, but I wasnt confident enough to go out and find someone else, and really I didnt desire someone else, I wanted my wife and couldnt figure out what to do to make her “receptive”. I would see the Enzyte commercials on tv where they implied that these pills would make you bigger (they showed a really tall glass of tea) and the wife would just smile. That made me start thinking that my size had something to do with her not being receptive. That got me to thinking that maybe she was getting satisfied by someone else….which lead to suspicion…..which lead to smothering……which nearly lead to divorce.
But the story doesnt end there, after a long night of argument and crying and saying things that neede to be said 10 yrs ago, we worked out some communication problems and started talking about all the things that were on my mind and things that had been bothering her. It turns out that she had some things that had happened to her when she was a teenager, (while I was away in the military, we had split up due to my infidelity. We were both each others first lover.) while dating another guy, she got pregnant, and was forced to get an abortion. Whenever we would have sex, she was terrified she would get pregnant, so we only had sex as much as it took to keep me from getting upset. Which was about once or twice a month. I knew about the abortion, but I didnt know the details. Since she was able to share that experiance with me, we have been much more open and honest about everything. We even told each other about all the little things that happened to us when we were children that affect our sexuality, like how we found out what sex was, and our first experiments with masturbation and curiosities about the bisexuality.

One thing that surprised me about your post luvdadus was when you said that your wife initiated sex more often. My wife never initiated sex before, and I was afraid that even with PE she might not, so I waited several days to see if she would, and I was getting worried about it. Then it happened, without any indication from me that I was interested, we did our nightly routine of getting the kids off to bed, feeding the animals, fixing the coffee pot, taking showers, brushing teeth and turning out lights, and then she shut our bedroom door…… indication that she was interested in doing something that she didnt want the kids to walk in on. WOW!!!!!!! Thanks to Thunder’s Place and all you guys for making my life so much better. We are no where near the 13-15 times a cycle count but as I start to see more gains, and I learn how to make her orgasm more often (possibly multiples) maybe we will get there.

Thanks again luvdadus.


It is good that you two can communicate. Its nice to have the wife tolerant if not in the cheering section. What is your ages, does she really need an IUD? If she is prolapsing she may need to consider surgical therapy to stabilize the tissues down there, tighten things up. Or perhaps even consider hysterectomy. Good luck and good gains to you!!

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Im sorry it took so long to reply. Our communication is great right now and I feel comfortable talking to her about everything I am doing. She doesnt want me to do any hanging because she’s afraid I might hurt myself, but she’s all for the manual exercises. She’s noticed the difference, mostly when she does oral on me. My wife has seen her gynodoc about her prolaps problem and he has told her that it isnt bad enough to require surgery, so we are waiting for either a change for the better, or a change for the worse. My wife swears she will never have another child so the hysterectomy is what she’s rootin for, but the doc wont do it until he sees a change toward the worse.

Meanwhile back at the ranch………….I continue to do my PE and learn how to become a master cunnilingist. Whenever something finally happens, and she gets back to normal (or something like normal) then we will be a very happy couple, hopefully I will have gained enough to still be ably the hit the CDS and to be able to make her feel “filled up”.

It really doesnt matter though, its more important to be able to stay rock hard longer. We experimented with some “adult toys” (rubber sleeves) that fit on my shaft. These toys prevented me from staying fully erect, and the sex was just so-so. But when she took the sleeve off, I got rock hard. She said that its more important to be hard than to have those little ticklers, so that was a waste of our money.

I know that the kegels help to stay hard longer, is there a particular exercise I should be doing to help stay harder? I remember when I first started PEing, I would wake up with rock hard wood, that felt like it would last forever.


Jelqing will make your erections harder, however in the immediate post workout time frame they may be weaker temporarily due to fatigue. After weeks or months this tempory fatigue will become less of a factor, in fact I often will finish my workout in the am and go straight into nailing the wife now. I hear you about the toys, what often seems like it would be really good in our minds turns out to be a dissapointment. If she likes toys we were not dissappointed by the Rabbit Pearl or something similar to it. Any shop ought to have it since it is very popular. The uterus prolapsing should in theory bring her cds in closer proximity, especially with her on top, if the prolapse is pronounced however it may not be possible to do her on top.

I’m not sure about the “danger of hanging” it seems most injuries are related to erect jelqing or squeezes, but it does take a lot of time and she may not be willing to give you that much time. Jelq and stretch is very time efficient, effective and cheap.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Wow, I am totally blown back by these posts!

The first time I had sex with my new girlfriend I asked her if she liked it and she said yes. I asked her why and her reply was: “It fits perfectly”.

After some time of pe and gains; she is more turned on with the new size.

I Don’t think I’ll beleive it’s big eough untill she tells me to stop because it’s hurting her.

Hi everyone

I have only one question and I realy need you on this one. I realy want to try pill enlargement and truly need to know which pill works the best to avoid the scams out there. I’m all for the other routines but I live in an evoirment where there is no such thing as private time. LOL So thoes excuises or just not going to work for me at this time. So please help by telling me the best and most effective pills you know of.

I’m new to the forum but not new to the concepts want to try somthing new like pills or somthing simaler. Thank you so much for all your help. You can also which me at my e-mail address Thanks again Billy

Originally Posted by mr_orange

Hi everyone

I have only one question and I realy need you on this one. I realy want to try pill enlargement and truly need to know which pill works the best to avoid the scams out there.

Sugar. Seriously, don’t laugh. By far the best out there. Here’s the easiest and cheapest way:

1)Empty out any gel-caps you have. Pull them apart and shake out the contents. Chant: “Ohhhm Ganapati…”

2)Replace contents with plain sugar, available at any grocery store. Put the gel caps back together. Chant: “Naaaamaaaahhhh….”

3)Hold freshly made sugar pill in your clasped hands. Visualize a bright blue light descending from above your head, entering your skull, and circulating in it’s dazzling brightness throughout your body before streaming down your arms, into your hands, through your palms, and collecting into the clasped pill. Chant: “Lord Ganesha, Remover of Obstacles, grant me a penis that would be a fitting tribute to your magnificent trunk which adorns your wise face.”

4)Swallow pill. Visualize the bright blue energy you just charged the pill with, releasing into your stomach, circulation through your body, and collecting at the root of your penis. Chant: “Ohhhm Ganapati…”

5)Feel your penis growing larger. KNOW that it is growing larger. Chant: “Naaamaaahhhh….”

6)Perform the Thunder’s newbie routine found at: Newbie Routine

7)Repeat Daily

"It's ALL in your head. You just have no idea how big your head is." - Lon Milo DuQuette "The mind's role in P.E. is more important than the hand that touches the penis." - Mr. Nine Just ignore the crazy old man in his tinfoil-lined pyramid hat, smelling of EVO and muttering Ohhmmm my penis growwwws. He's not always to be taken literally.

:rolling: @ Eroset. The blue light descending from above the head was priceless!!! :rofl:

Ahem ahem. Ok sorry. Now to address your question. You have really come to the wrong place to ask such a question. You may find a handful of guys who will say the pills helped but the majority of guiys will tell you not to waste your time or money. Even if the pills did work, almost all of them tell you you have to do the exercises to make them effective. So whether you buy the pills or not you will have to make time to do some type of routine.



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