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Newbie has some questions

Newbie has some questions

Ok I have some questions regarding Jelq

1) I have learnt about jelq before comming here but I had no pictures to see how to do it and I thought it was done with the ok signbut with your little finger closer to the shaft (like jerking off position) then I came here and I see a picture of how it is done and I see the hand is “twisted” the other way (with your little finger close to the head of the dick. How should I do it? I found more comfortable the “standard” hand position thatn the other one, is more effective that way or is it the same?

2) I think I can milk the whole shaft whitout lubricating it. Does lubrication affects somehow on the results? Should lubricate it the same? I have read about dry milking but it is said that you must be divided it in 2 (first the lower part of the shaft then the upper) but i don’t want to do it this way.

3) Why should i change hands when jelquing? Can I do just with one hand? (using the same hand). The poit is to carry the blood along the shaft isn’t it?

As far as lubricating goes, I would think that to jelq properly you’d want to…..

Better that than the soreness….

Read the FAQs-it’ll answer a lot for you.

Hi Angelus,

1) You can jelq either way. I prefer palms down (pinky toward the head). Try each grip and see which suits you best.

2) Quite a few guys jelq without lube, me included. I think dry jelqing irritates my skin less than using lube, plus it is more convenient. Jelq the whole shaft in one stroke if you can.

3) Alternate hands to help even out the pressure you are applying. Otherwise, one side or area of the shaft may get worked more than the other, and you don’t want that. You don’t have to alternate every stroke. Do 10, 20, 50…whatever, strokes with one hand and then switch.

Good luck.

I’ve tried the dry jelq a few times-lube always seemed to work better for me.

i jelq without lube but thats because im uncut : )

Thanks guys you are the best!

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