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Newbie has PE Anxiety


Originally Posted by sta-kool

When I actually sit down to start the routine, I am having trouble getting an erection.

You lucky bastard! The minute I start to even THINK about exercising my dick, I get a boner which is just in the way to be honest.

You could do manual stretches while your penis is flacid, maybe the touching and pulling will stimulate it to get hard, then you can jelq.

Thanks, guys — it was basically performance anxiety. “Am I going to do this right or will I screw it up.”

All I really needed to do was take the first step and just do the routine.

Things seemed to go well yesterday, so I am relaxed about it now. I had a good flaccid hang all day, and had lots of night time erections last night. That all seems like a good sign.

Basically, Problem Solved.

So I will proceed on with the newbie routine, maybe dropping the number of jelqs from the recommended 200 to 100, gradually adding to them as I move from week to week.

I have a big block of undisturbed private time today, which is pretty rare. Excited about my workout today.

Thanks again, everybody.


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