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Newbie hanging BTC

Newbie hanging BTC

Hello, I have made a modified version of the captains wench and have started hanging earlier this week. Instead of using a nylon strap to hold the weight I have drilled holes in the c clamp itself, and then installed eye bolts in it with a small chain to attach the weight. I like this method better and it makes it simpler.

I have started hanging with 5 pounds and I am using a BTC angle. I am doing two 20 minute sets, I am just starting so I want to take it easy. When hanging BTC my testicles feel a little bit uncomfortable because the the penis is somewhat resting on top of them. There is no pain. Would it be better to move them to one side and let the penis hang on the opposite side? This method will also cause the penis to hang side ways. I tried this once and I felt a better hang with more of a dull burn. When hanging BTC I feel the burn on the underside of the penis more, is this normal?


I would personaly not suggest you to put the penis on the balls when hanging or doing anything when something is lying on the balls! Their skin is too sensitive and there is a great chance to make the skin sore.

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What do others do when hanging BTC?

My dick sits right between my balls.

I couldn’t bring myself to do BTC for a long time because I thought I would put undue pressure on my balls, but I’m pleased that my balls just separated and the shaft hangs comfortably between them.

Began December 2009 at 5 7/8" length and 5" girth.

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Going for the magic 8"x6"

Balls to the right, penis left - and the other way around. Newbies shouldn’t do hanging, of course.

Well I’m not a complete newbie I have done extender routines, clamping, and squeezes in the past but that was a while ago. I also used to hang but never on a consistent basis. I plan on sticking with hanging for a while.

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