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Newbie girth question

Newbie girth question


I started the newbie routine a couple of months ago. So far no gain, except maybe my flaccid penis being a little bit more present.

I have problems with stretching. I’m not very big flaccid, uncut, and found stretching exercises to be extremely tedious: my grip always slips! I tried using latex gloves but it didn’t help much. I just bought a device at to help me with the stretches.

But that’s not really the problem here. I just have a question regarding jelqing and girth. Last week, I thought I had my first girth gains. My penis definitely felt bigger in my hand, especially erect. But it didn’t last very long, a few days later my girth was the same as before. I didn’t measure it when I felt bigger because I thought it would stay that way until today (I always measure on Mondays).

So.. What happened? Is this normal? Did I do something wrong? Will it come back? I didn’t change my jelq routine one bit..

I would appreciate some comments.

Oh and I would like to precise the fact that when I said “it didn’t last very long”.. I meant it lasted a few days, not just a few hours.

For your grip, try using a toilet paper.

About what happened, well, girth gains tend to be volatile. Will it come back? Probably yes. You are not giving much details about your routine: have you raised time in this weeks? If you are uncut you could find dry jelqs easier, though more intense for your unit; if you opt for dries, do about half of them, with very little pressure on your grip.

No I haven’t raised time. I do the same as when I started. For the jelqs, I do about 100 of them (3 seconds strokes) for two days then one day off. I’m also about 50-70% erect when I do them.

However, I think I have decreased the pressure of my strokes a little bit last week. I started having red spots so I took it easy for a couple of days, then it was when I felt bigger. Do you think it has anything to do with it?

Oh and thanks for the toilet paper advice! I’ll try it.

Welcome to Thunders and PE, UpnUp! Best of luck with your PE efforts!

Starting stats- BP 5x4.5 (2002) Current stats- PBEL 7.25x5.25 (2012) PE is a marathon, not a sprint!

You should raise time over course of weeks. Red spots are normal first times you jelq; after some weeks, you get those only when you are using too much pressure. If it is the first time you get red dots, maybe you started with too low pressure. Hard to say. Jelqing is not masturbation, though.

OK I’m going to raise the time a notch. It wasn’t the first I saw red spots. I guess I was using too much pressure. I hope that next time I will post it will be with some gain reports, not losses..

Thank you for your comments. I’m glad I’m here too!

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