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Newbie gains

Newbie gains


I started the newbie routine yesterday.

Yesterday morning (before I did the routine) I measured 8,0 inches in erection and 5.95 flaccid.

I did the routine yesterday evening.

Today I measured again and I gained 0.5 cm in erection and 1.3 cm flaccid.

Is it normal to gain so much after one routine?

First of all welcome to Thunders it is nice to see a fellow countryman around here :up: .

No, it isn’t normal. You might be one exceptional gainer or measuring just behind a routine. Just continue the routine and take a day off before you measure again.

More than likely you measured differently, or had a different erection level. Also, possibly you had fluid buildup that had not dissipated from an aggressive first session. Most likely it is a combination of all three of these things and maybe others I didn’t think of. But! You cannot gain half a centimeter, at least not a real “cemented” gain, in a single session of PE!

My Before and After pics -- .5" gain...

Wow, 0.5cm in 1 day.. LOL

0.5 took me 3 months.

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