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Newbie Gains

Newbie Gains

I wanted to get the thoughts of the more experienced members about newbie gains. I think much of the gains could be attributed to better measuring techniques.

I have lifted for years where I have tried to gain muscle size and or lose inches in my waist. Based on my experience newbie gains can be attributed to improved measuring. For instance, when I want to loose weight or fat off of my stomach, I measure my waist so tight it’s not really close to a how an actual measurement would be, but my next measurements cannot improve based on a more favorable measurements.


I’m only a newbie, but I can see where you are coming from. I’m not sure if I measured correctly. Another thing is erections vary from time to time, I don’t feel like I have had a really strong erection since my gf left me a month ago (not looking for sympathy, it’s not the same when I try and please myself lol) but owell all the more to look forward to when I get a new lady.

Starting stats BPEL:8" EG:5.38" ________________________ Target BPEL:9" EG:6.5"

This is lame, maybe I titled this wrong, no response to my thread? I think to factually accept “newbie gains” as Gospel is wrong. I think we need to look at the factors surrounding the start up of PE.

>I think much of the gains could be attributed to better measuring techniques. <

Certainly measuring is an issue. I think the easiest way to ensure good initial measurement is

  • Repeat the measurement several times (on different days if possible) to ensure it is correct
  • Choose a time of day to measure - not in the morning just after waking and not after a bath or shower
  • Don’t measure within 2 days of a PE session
  • Do bone pressed length measurements with the ruler on top of the shaft angled at something like 45 degrees from the horizontal (in it’s length). This should ensure that you can hit the pubic bone directly and centrally (not through ligs) and that you don’t slip the ruler under the pubic bone. Measuring to the side of the shaft is silly because the pubic bone curves back.
  • Always push (or pull) your penis to a horizontal position in relation to the body.
  • Push your penis flat to the ruler (or you’ll be measuring a chord of an arc)
  • Measure the girth at 4 points (base, middle,before glans,glans)

That said, newbie gains are real, imo they come from stretching the ligs which can be extremely easy.

I think the best way to measure is with a piece of string. This gives a true indication as it follows the shape of your dick exactly…just place the string at the base of your dick and run it to the tip. Easy. And you can use a longer bit of string and just mark where you start, measure in a month and mark where it is then - It is not too ambiguous as the tip of your penis and the base will always be in the same place and you can’t push in a piece of string for better measurements

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